Will Clarke and BOT Team up for DIRTYBIRD Release, “Feeling Good”

Will Clarke is quickly becoming a house music staple, producing music that is designed not only for listening, but to engulf the mind and body in a story of beats. BOT has also been making a name for himself in the underground scene with his nuanced production style and his ear for proper groove. These artists made waves with their first collaboration, “Techno (not techno).” Clarke and BOT have re-joined forces for a new DIRTYBIRD release that comes as a highly sought after ID by fans and DJs alike.

“Feeling Good” is explosive in nature, and leaves listeners no choice but to surrender to the beat. The trippy vocal style repeats, “you feeling good?” and the first drop creeps up like Jaws underneath the surface. The song features unrelenting high-hats and techno synths to detonate the dance floor. Clarke and BOT take listeners on a wild ride with this one. As if one version of the song wasn’t enough, Tiger Stripes stepped in for the remix edition featuring a more drawn-out, futuristic spin.


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