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Super Flu Provide Flow Sessions With A Tantalizing Mix Of Melodic House

The German duo also took the time to answer some questions about life & music.

Super Flu are a dynamic German duo that have DJed all over the world and released music on iconic record labels such as Diynamic and Watergate Records.

The guys also run their own label Monaberry, which has in recent times, has become a main outlet for their deep and melodic style.

Known for their great sense of humour and light-hearted personalities, Super Flu makes serious music that’s often presented alongside comical videos and tongue-in-cheek descriptions that embrace their outgoing personalities.

We are honoured to have such an amazing mix from Super Flu, and the guys also took the time to run through some questions about this podcast and their other music projects…

Hey Mathias and Feliks, thank you so much for your time creating an amazing 3:33 set for Flow Music, we are so excited to share it with our audience, many of whom are loyal Super Flu fans. 

Thanks for having us, it was great fun to plan a 3:33:33 set.

Your description of the mix on Soundcloud was gold, we have to share it in this interview

Be happy – go with this set! Now cleaner, fresher, Smoother! Enjoy these 3 hours 33 minutes and 33 seconds that combine perfect mildness and a rich taste in one great mix. Perfect mixing? You bet. Scientific tests, confirmed by three independent consulting laboratories, prove that Flow Sessions is hotter than any other principal brand. Rich taste in music? Yes, the full, rich taste of truly fine tracks. Only these fine tracks give you the feeling you need. So, enjoy the happy journey that combines perfect mixing with rich, true dance floor taste.

I remember experiencing Super Flu at Luft in Melbourne and being blown away, you played after Sebastion Leger and just before Oliver Koletzski! What a great memory! It was only you performing Mathias, was there a reason you both didn’t tour Australia together that year? 

This was a massive rave and it felt awesome. Feliks isn’t travelling by plane, because he doesn’t like the food they serve. So, I am doing the long flight trips on my own. But we are currently working on the perfect lunch box.

We understand you have been getting creative musically and performed in a concert at Handel Hall with an orchestra recently. What was that like? 

Playing with an orchestra is always big fun, full of goosebump moments. The preparation is huge for just 60 minutes, but worth all of the time invested. It is much more complex than releasing an EP. You have to stay in contact with the arranger, the pianist, the conductor, the musicians and work with them on your idea. It is mind-blowing seeing and hearing other musicians performing a small part of your work to create a song together.

We hear you are particularly obsessed with having the latest equipment, what is the set-up you have in your studio?

Mostly it is not the latest, because today’s synths and effects are packed with so many functions that you lose the intuitive way of playing them. We really prefer synths from the past with direct access to all functions and no menu diving. Jupiter 6, Juno 6, 101, 808, 707, Yamaha Reface CS and a VSS30 are some of our beloved machines. When it comes to the latest gear, we use the UDO synth and some effect pedals that work great with our DAW.

Jai Piccone’s artwork is one of the special features of the Flow Sessions podcast. Tell us a bit about the artwork of your label Monaberry?

First of all, really great artwork for Flow Sessions… we love it, so thanks for that. We are very obsessed with our label and want to have the best piece of art for the releases. So, we found Moritz Götze who’s an awesome artist from Halle. He’s is into music and loves what we do so gives us the freedom to work with his art and use it as we feel appropriate.

I love the film clip you did for your Go Re Neu EP Release on Monaberry. You guys have a tremendous sense of humour, do you think the music industry needs to be more lighthearted?  

The music business is super serious, so we always try to break the rules and show some alternatives to just black clothes or random pictures of people looking dreamily into the distance.

You did a great remix for the legendary imprint Eklektisch, what is your “normal” way to approach such a remix?

First of all, it depends on the original version. If this catches us in some way, then we are open to a remix. We start with an idea that we want to achieve, and a goal of how the track should sound. The rest is just playing with sounds and trying to find the right flow, and a catchy hook line we can work with. After you have a nice 8 bar loop, then the rest is peanuts.

After such a long time with being able to play large clubs how was it to play ADE plating back-to-back with andhim? 

It was so much fun! The energy of the crowd was massive and we really enjoyed it. We love playing with the guys, and this was special in many ways.

Is there a message you have for your fans? 

Live long and prosper!

-Artwork by Jai Piccone-


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