Sriracha Delivers 333 Sessions An Immersive Mix Organic House

She is a talented DJ based in Melbourne, Australia who is a regular performer at many of the countries festivals.

Sriracha describes her style of organic house as “love, spice & everything nice”.

A message from the artist: “Music is medicine. What better way to spend this precious and peculiar time than to get lost in it. A set of this special length allowed me to weave all the tempos I love – starting slow and gradually building it up. No rush and no where to be, but here. The songs I chose are a reflection of the chords that have hit home for me in the last few months and the experiences I’ve shared with my nearest and dearest by my side.

Feel blessed to serve up the 3rd set in the 333 Session Series 🙏🏽 “

Sriracha 🌶 (@spicysriracha)

Artwork – Jai Piccone


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