Skapes drops new collaboration with Huxley

UK talents Huxley and Skapes combined once again last month to drop their massive ‘Electronic Drums’ EP on Solardo’s Sola imprint, following on from their equally as impressive 2017 collaboration ‘Don’t Call’ on Green Velvet’s label Relief. We managed to catch up with one half of the pairing, Alex Calver aka Skapes, to talk past, present and future, his dream back-to-back and to get the inside scoop of any potential future collaborations from the two artists.

Hi Skapes, thanks for chatting! How are you and what are you up to right now?  

Hey! I’m really well thanks, loving this heatwave we’ve been blessed with at the moment and getting ready to watch England!

2018 has been a strong year for you already – have there been any particular stand out moments so far?

I’ve actually not been too busy with shows, but the standout moment definitely has to be the recent release of my ‘Electronic Drums’ EP with Huxley on Sola!

You recently released your ‘Electronic Drums’ EP alongside Huxley on Solardo’s label Sola. Could you tell us a little about how the two tracks on the EP came about?

We’ve actually made a load of tracks together. We work quite quickly and efficiently by sending each other ideas over the internet and working on productions that way. We’re currently shopping a batch of new material to labels so stay tuned!

You also released another collaborative EP with Huxley on Green Velvet’s Relief at the end of 2017. What is it like working with him and have you picked up any key tips / secrets from collaborating with such an influential and versatile artist?

We’ve actually not spent much time actually sat down in the studio together as we’ve been working on productions separately, so we haven’t really got round to swapping tips as of yet.

Having also released on the likes of ABODE, Armada Subjekt and Kaluki this year alone, you’re starting to build up an impressive catalogue of work. Is there one label in particular that’s still the dream label for you to release on?

In all honesty, not really… I’ve been releasing records since 2002 and I love making music no matter what label it goes on or even what genre it is! I just make music and I don’t worry too much about anything else.

You also hold down a monthly radio show on Pioneer Radio. How important do you feel this has been to both your development as an artist, but also networking and establishing further connections and relationships within the industry?

I started my Eskape Musik show on the D3EP radio network where I used to do two hours and I always had a guest artist on the show, which was good for networking and chatting to peeps. I only do an hour now that it’s on Pioneer radio, so I just find the best hours worth of music each month and try and mix it in one take off the fly. I really enjoy doing it and feel lucky to have been offered the slot!

You’re definitely part of what seems like a ‘new wave’ of producers emerging from the UK at the moment – who else should we be keeping an eye out for?

I’ve been releasing music and DJ’ing professionally since 2002 so I don’t really feel as though I’m particularly ‘new’, however there’s so many amazing producers and great music about at the moment – honestly there’s too many to mention!

Dream back-to-back partner? Where are you playing? And who plays the last track?

Tony Blackburn, Avalon, Hollywood, I’d let him drop the last beat.

Lastly, can you leave us with your three essential records for summer

1. Jhonsson – Rockin

2. Mihalas Safras – Don

3. Huxley & Skapes – Electronic Drums

Huxley & Skapes ‘Electronic Drums’ is out now on Sola – buy here.


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