Ramiro Lopez Talks Food & Festivals

The influential Spanish DJ has also released his music on Filth on Acid, Suara and Drumcode.

Ramiro Lopez is a talented electronic music artist who is at the heart of the techno scene in his home country of Spain, but he has a large international fanbase that sees him play gigs all over the world.

More than just a DJ, he is also a talented producer whose music can be found on iconic record labels including Filth on Acid, Suara and Drumcode. He also runs his own label Odd Recordings in partnership with

With the COVID vaccine meaning that some countries are starting to run large scale events, and festivals like Serbia’s Exit going ahead in 2021, now is a time when many people across the world are getting excited for festivals again.

In celebration of festivals making a return in 2021, we decided to ask if Ramiro Lopez would share some of his favourite festival memories, plus what he likes most about these events…

Ramiro Lopez: “It’s been so long that I’ve not been to a proper festival that I’m starting to doubt if all my memories were real or not lol. I really miss the festival experience!  

I think the last one for me was Supersonic Festival in India, which is one of the most important electronic music events in the country. Awakenings was hosting a stage there, and I was lucky enough to be asked to play, as it was pretty amazing!  

They made personalized 1L plastic bottles for each artist playing so we could use the same one during all of the festival, so it was really easy to get a quick refill, and better for the environment that we didn’t go through lots of different bottles. 

After the second refill, I think I lost track of time a bit, but I ended up dancing alone on the concert stage where there was a music fusion of electronic and traditional Indian (or so I think) J. I love the energy of the Indian audience so after my gig I visited all of the other stages.  

It’s very nice to have these experiences, but if you can share them with friends, that adds a whole other level. I especially remember when I played at ‘B My Like Festival’ in Hungary. The event lasts almost a whole week, and takes place around the Balaton Lake, which is full of people during the summer. I took advantage of the great location, and had a one-week holiday with some friends.  

Together we visited some of the most interesting spots of the area, and the food was very good. People really like techno there, and we become almost addicted to the “Kürtőskalács”, which is a Hungarian delicacy that is like a sweet cylindrical pie that can have all sorts of different fillings. After the music, food can sometimes be one of the best bits about a festival, and I can’t wait for the festivals to come back. I really miss playing at them, and meeting all the amazing people from around the world!”

As you can see from this feature, Ramiro Lopez is a passionate foody who takes great pleasure in trying new dishes. To celebrate his love of food and passion for music, Ramiro Lopez recently launched a cooking series called ‘ChefLopez’, where he and another DJ play music while also cooking something delicious. You can learn more about this by watching the video below…


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