Nick Warren Makes A Triumphant Return To Balance

Neale Moore gives us the low-down.

In a few short years Nick and Petra’s The Soundgarden concept has risen from a concept on paper to become global dance music phenomenon.

Encapsulating a genre bending spirit, mix series, radio shows and events, Nick is back on Balance for a long overdue return to showcase this concept to the rest of the world.

As you’d expect, the tracklist for this magical experience is always completely exclusive. Many of Nicks favourite DJ/Artists featuring heavily; Saclamente, Rada, Galvan, Molosh, Nissan… many of whom have played at the same events, giving off a real family affair.

Into the music then, and on first listen this reviewer is pleased to report he won’t be genre classifying this compilation, a pointless exercise as in Nicks own words…

CD one kicks off briskly with Rigooni’s ‘Dreamed Numbers’ it’s rolling groove continues into the delightful breaks of ‘Aspen’. The tempo moves along unabashed through Saclamentes ‘Uranium’ whose delightful synths perfectly sync into an original from Warren & Rada; ‘Balance’ unleashes cascades of echoed breaks, warm melodies even guitar, there’s melancholic pianos further ahead in Baunders epic ‘38&46’. This leg of the journey ends gloriously and aptly with ‘From Tel-Aviv to Amsterdam’ a travelog that describes The Soundgardens treks around the globe.

Without a moments waste I headed straight into CD2. Six’s ‘Berlin’ quickly raises the pulses as Warren flexes his prog muscles. The old school feel of Black 8’s ‘Black Tiger’ eases through the speakers next, effortlessly taking it deeper. The mix reaches a shimmering crescendo with his and Black 8’s ‘Dreamcatcher’, a standout track in my opinion. There’s layers of deep funk ahead as back to back partner Cattaneo’s & Audio-Junkies remix of ‘Neu Cobenhaven’ shines a diamond light guiding the listener to the climax; ‘Luly’ all sultry xylophones and keys in perfect harmony.

Nick has perfectly captured everything he asked of himself when putting these sets together, and along with previous compilations he’s not afraid to lower the pace in this one. Even when the listener expects the gears to shift up, Warren displays the skills he’s honed over the years to great effect in keeping it lively yet subtle, there’s power yet its sedate. Carefully selecting more eclectic sounds, placing them in the exact right spot, blending them seamlessly together. Also the artists have provided such an abstract range of music, you’d be forgiven for thinking the mixes would sound disjointed, but there’s no lack of flow at all, a testament to Nicks undeniable talent.

This is what I love about the Bristol DJ; As a fan and clubber it’s guaranteed that if he’s on the bill, you’re never ever let down, still now after nearly 30 years.

nick warren, the soundgarden, balance series, neale moore
Nick Warren at The Soundgarden/303 party, Liverpool

In conclusion, the one thing I asked for this mix to do, was take me back to this summer’s outstanding debut Soundgarden/303 party in Liverpool, where I was surrounded by smiley faces from happy people. In providing one of this years most highly sought after compilations albums, I can pay Nick Warren no higher compliment than to say he did just that!

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