Melbourne’s ‘Let Them Eat Cake” Announces NYD 2022 Party

Returning after being forced to miss 2021, the Australian electronic music event is held at Werribee Mansion.

Let Them Eat Cake is an arts, culture and dance music festival held on New Year’s Day in Melbourne.

The long-running event is held annually in the gardens of Werribee Mansion. After missing this year due to the pandemic, the event makes its much-anticipated return after running annually for the previous seven years.

Gathering electronic music fans from across Australia, the gardens of the mansion are a picturesque setting perfect for bringing in the new year with a day of dancing.

Werribee Mansion is a regal mansion of decadent proportions with expansive green gardens and shimmering ponds.

Talking about the event, the festival’s director, Daniel Teuma said: “We used the break to fine-tune the festival’s finer points, really assess where we’re at and what we want to do.” Then continued: alleviating any fears that they might coast into the 2022 edition. “For the upcoming event, that means utilising the beautiful Werribee Mansion space in new and exciting ways. The Mansion grounds are so big. We might try a new layout this year to complement the site better and improve traffic flow. We are also looking at a more immersive experience overall – meaning those who explore might be rewarded with more adventure.

Following COVID-19 guidelines in the Melbourne area, this is classed as a tier 2 event, which means it will safely operate within current guidelines, and legally allow for 7,500 attendees.

The line-up of DJ’s has yet to be announced, but you can buy tickets and get more info HERE


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