Matter Drops His New EP ‘Waratah / Living Dream / All Knowing’

The three-track release is out now via Meanwhile Horizons.

Matter is an Australian artist from Melbourne who is internationally respected for his deep and uplifting style of melodic house.

His new release is a stunning three-track package on Meanwhile Horizons, which is a sister imprint to the Meanwhile record label that Matter runs in partnership with GMJ.

GMJ regularly collaborates on music with Matter and they can often be found playing back-to-back DJ sets, but as this release shows, both of the guys are also talented solo artists.

Along with numerous releases on his own record labels, Matter’s music can also be found on other influential labels ranging from Bonzai Progressive to Balance Music.

“Waratah” opens the release with ethereal pads and crisp percussion sequenced into upbeat rhythms. It’s got a light and breezy sound full of soothing textures, and the breakdown introduces an atmospheric male vocal.

“Living Dream” is another heart-warming track with immersive atmosphere. Its intricate melodies and vocals washed in delay intertwine with organic percussion to create a mesmerising groove.

“All Knowing” is a sun-drenched track that closes out the release with its warm and sensual pads that radiate heat to defrost even the coldest dance floor. Its spine-tingling atmosphere comes in waves of sonic bliss while the percussion provides the energy.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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