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Marc Houle Releases Unique Techno EP on DIRTYBIRD Records

Marc Houle makes his return to DIRTYBIRD with a sensory experience in the form of a two-track EP titled “Min and Soda.” The Canadian DJ is known for his incredible live performances, which is not something all artists can successfully accomplish. Houle’s dedication to diverge from the can-be cookie-cutter sounds of electronic music result in unique music that begs for attention, exemplified in this EP.

The opener, “Min and Soda” begins with offbeat synths that toy with our senses. The minimal trippy track maintains a future-tech sound yet the listener is always unable to guess what’s coming next. “Car and Driver” is the second track on the EP and is equally unique. It begins with a driving acid line that never lets up, and from start to finish we become a passenger in his fast-paced car racing through a vintage-inspired video game.

Both tracks on Houle’s “Min and Soda” are a divine addition on the DIRTYBIRD label and pleasurable departure from your day-to-day beats and drops.


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