LustR Delivers 333 Sessions A Trippy Mix Of Eclectic House Music

She is a talented artist from Northern New South Wales in Australia.

LustR is a talented DJ from Northern New South Wales in Australia, and she has showcased her organic style at Earth Frequency Festival and Rabbits Eat Lettuce.

Inspired by nature and earth frequencies, LustR has an eclectic style that fuses tracks from genres including deep house, tribal, progressive house, melodic techno and organic house.

She loves flowing rhythms that in her own words represent the “rumbling sounds of the Earth interlaced with its’ softness and grace.”

Switching between moods, her mix is a musical voyage that sets sale across a sea of genres in search of psychedelic vibes.

A true journey through sound, it’s an epic mix that showcases her masterful skills behind the decks.

Words from the artist: The sound I share is often inspired by the duality of the Earth, interlacing dark, light, deep and ethereal soundscapes. I also have a big thing for drums, they seem to activate a special somatic experience in our human bodies, connecting us to our primal sense, and subconsciously reminding us that we are animals. I believe it’s so important for us to sense into this part of ourselves and this is a big focus in my work as a psychologist too. The subconscious animal part of us influences so much more than the mind can ever make sense of, so we have to feel instead. Music can do that for us.

There is a tribal essence weaved throughout this mix, traversing sub-genres of house including deep, Afro, minimal, organic, tech and progressive, tribal psy-trance, techno, and some delicious slow and sultry left-field bass, The sets I play are usually a mixed bag and this 3:33hr set really allowed me to explore my creativity, giving me the space to share some very meaningful and nostalgic tracks and transitions.

In this mix I also share two original tracks, Sahul Rumble and Sweet Baby. Sweet Baby is actually a lullaby that I found myself singing to my dog one day on a beach walk a couple of years ago. Two days before I submitted this mix, I recorded the song at home with my vocals and my guitar. I was grateful to have been able to find the chords fairly quickly seeing as my poor guitar only gets picked up a couple of times a year and I haven’t sung outside of the house in twenty years. The entire process unexpectedly cracked me open a little bit, reminding me of a part of myself that I haven’t met in a very long time. In the background you can hear some rain and bird sounds I had recorded here at home too. It’s unfinished, unmastered and imperfect but I ended up splitting and mixing in parts of the second half, it’s a very vulnerable thing for me to share.

Thank you for the invitation to create a mix for 333 Sessions, it’s been a really beautiful journey x”


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