Husa & Zeyada Drop Their Debut Album ‘Long Way Home’

The ten-track release is out now via IAMHER.

Husa & Zeyada are a live music duo who connected during lockdown and have since flourished with their blend of downtempo and indie dance.

The duo recently dropped their debut album “Long Way Home” which features ten of their original tracks and it’s a storytelling collection of tracks that switch between different moods and tempos as the epic journey unfolds.

Zeyada is an Egyptian musician and vocalist, filmmaker and visual artist. She adds vocals, synths and indie rock influences to Husa’s electronic beats and melodic house production.

Adam Husa aka Husa is known for his organic influences and music on Sol Selectas, Seven Villas, Magician On Duty and his own Husa Sounds. He is an accomplished producer who provides the backing track to Zeyada’s vocals and musicianship.

Their tracks include lyrics sung in both English and Arabic and they are also a live duo that has been dazzling crowds with their music performances throughout the summer festival season.

IAMHER has been the main outlet for Husa & Zeyada’s own music, and prior to the release of their 10-track album, they also put out a selection of singles featuring reworks by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Timo Maas, Oliver Schories, Sasha Carassi, Madmotormiquel, Miyagi, Chaim, Marcelo Vasami and more.

It’s a truly enchanting release that is perfect for both the dance floor and headphones listening. The melodic chord progressions and moody atmosphere is a great combination with the hauntingly beautiful vocals that are truly spellbinding.

Each of their releases is also accompanied by illustrated stories of the little creatures that inhabit our minds. The concept is based on the things that spring from our subconscious and what happens when we listen to the creative monsters under our skin that are shaped by pressures and desires.

You can pick up a copy HERE.


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