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Luka Sambe Delivers 333 Sessions An Enchanted Melodic House Mix

The Sydney based DJ and producer also answered a few interview questions about life & music.

Luka Sambe has released tracks on record labels including All Day I Dream.

Luka Sambe is an Australian artist living in Sydney, and he is well known on his country’s club scene. He has a deep and melodic style and often plays at events and festivals such as the Rabbits Eat Lettuce. Luka Sambe is also a talented producer who has released tracks on prestigious record labels such as All Day I Dream, Lost & Found, TRYBESof and Hoomidaas. He has recorded us an epic 3:33 hour DJ set, and also took the time to answer a few questions…\\\

How did you find the 333 format, what type of energy vibe were you trying to capture?

It’s not often in life that we get the opportunity to let our minds float and be completely limitless. We’re always focused on an outcome. Flow Music gave me the absolute pleasure of taking this extended 333 Sessions mix to wherever my intuition led me. From my home in Sydney, I explored textures, edits and originals that have touched me and many of my audiences of late.
This is me in a mix and I truly hope the next 3:33 takes you somewhere special.

How do you feel the industry has bounced back since the pandemic?

The local industry for local acts I feel is busy as ever. The pandemic has forced event organisers to look a bit more inward as opposed to booking only international artists, and I think this has had a positive impact as we navigate our way out of this pandemic.

Tell us about how you first found your love for electronic music or just music in general?

I was originally shown electronic music as a teenager, I remember it sounding really fluffy, almost too nice, and a bit cheesy. Then a friend forced me to listen to a track called ‘Not So Dirty’ by Who’s Who and it blew me away. From that moment, I was hooked by its toughness and raw energy.

You have released music with some of the most esteemed electronic labels in the world, Lost & Found, All Day I Dream and Balance to name only a few… do you have any tips for up and coming artists that you have learned along the way?

I’ve been very lucky, and the biggest tip I can give is something we all struggle with as artists… it’s something I’m always reminding myself of, and that’s to be yourself. Forget the noise, the hype, the trends, and ask yourself what music you really love, what music perfectly represents you as an artist, and then try to create that as freely as possible.

Name some of your personal favourite DJs, and how have they influenced your own style?

To name only a few, I would say Guy J, Stimming, Joris Voorn and Luciano. ‘Energy’ and ‘emotion’ are the words that come to mind when describing how they’ve influenced me. Watching all those guys live, they create wonderful energy with pockets of beautiful emotion, and those memories definitely translate into my own productions when I get in the studio.

Tell us a few of your favourite nightspots and what it is that stands out about them?

Tank Nightclub in Sydney was my go-to, it’s now a Chinese Restaurant, but that’s where most of my memories were formed as a youngster. Currently, I like Civic Underground in Sydney, and recently had the pleasure of playing there.

The places we grow up in, various locations and cities can have a powerful effect on our creative energy. Tell us a bit about Sydney (or other cities) and how you feel they have influenced your sound and musical direction?

Sydney is home for me, it’s where I felt all my emotions for the first time, and where I currently live, which means it’s also where my heart is. There’s no doubt that this beautiful city has had a huge impact on my vision, through both its stunning natural landscapes, but also its gritty urban architecture. I love to travel, but I love coming home even more.

Outside of DJing and producing music, how do you spend your time?

I spend my time with my beautiful rabbit, Michelin and my very patient partner. We love cooking, weekends away, and discovering new places. Personally, I love hiking, for me, there’s nothing better than a long walk to discover new paths on a crisp Sydney morning.

What’s next on your schedule, any upcoming gigs or forthcoming releases?

April is packed with gigs, I have Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Insterstellar Groove Festival, and a few gigs around Sydney that should also be great. Release wise, I’ve got some EP collaborations with Double Touch, Bona Fide and Zankee Gulati, I also have some solo EPs and remixes coming soon ❤️

Thanks for talking with us today, and thank you for picking out Jimpster and Cairo’s track ‘Rain’ plus Massive Attacks ‘Teardrop’ for our Flow Suggestions Playlist, we have put a link below so people can check out your selections…


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