Loco Dice Says Stop The Hate Over EDM

Loco Dice is Düsseldorf born, world wide touring DJ with legendary productions on M_nus, Cadenza, Cocoon, Ovum and his own Desolat imprint. Here, he talks keeping fit, globetrotting and the world’s hottest dance floors.


For those who don’t know, can you tell us how you got your stage name ‘Loco Dice’?

When I was little boy, my grandfather used to play backgammon. I used to snitch some of his dice, build a little collection, and I always used to carry one of those dice with me. That was the Dice period. Later, one night in the earliest noughties, I was climbing the walls of Space in Ibiza to take their sign down as a souvenir. My friends below were shouting ‘Dice! Dice!’ while the security was like ‘Loco! Loco!’. The Space logo stayed there, and Loco Dice was born!

The big EDM stars are always touring and say it’s not possible to survive without leading a healthy lifestyle. Do you artists in the underground share the same level of professionalism and dedication?

There is no difference. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ – a sound mind and a sound body – is quite old wisdom. Exercise and healthy food are something that everyone should think about and practice, not only touring DJs. For me, it is very important to stay fit. DJing professionally, with all the travels, gigs and search for music, is almost like extreme sports. There are weeks where I play three or four times in different time zones. I also run my label, Desolat, and I couldn’t do that without my sports and exercise. I couldn’t stay focused in the way I want to be.

Do you think EDM artists deserve respect for what they do and people should stop hating?

Hate is quite a bad habit in general, and I wouldn’t mind if people would hate less and instead did more good.

How do you look after yourself on the road?

I try to eat well and avoid junk food. I visit a gym and if I stay in a city longer than two days, I try to find a good local Muay Thai course and a trainer. On my rider, there is always water and coconut water. No fizzy drinks.

Tell us some of your workout rituals…

If I’m in my weekly routine, I train almost every day, which means two days Muay Thai, with the rest customized cardio and stretch exercises.

What music gets you in the mood to workout?

Hip Hop albums from the 90’s, like DMX, and others like Hova, to current stuff like Travis Scott.

Where are the hottest dance floors in the world right now?

It’s basically always the people who make a party, and you’ll find those who want to have a good time everywhere. The world is the dance floor.

Finally, tell us about what’s in the pipeline…

There is my remix of Moby’s Go, released on Desolat, plus my remix for Kerri Chandler is coming out soon. I’m also working on my third album, which at the moment feels like a collection of 12” tracks. But I always have something cooking, so keep following and stay healthy!


What do you think?

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