Juliet Fox Reveals Her Revitalising Experience At A Health And Wellbeing Retreat

Juliet Fox Has Featured Tracks On Drumcode, NOIR And Filth On Acid.

Juliet’s presence on the Techno scene cannot be ignored, her rise has been swift and relentless with countless production success alongside her increasing demand for DJ performances gracing some of the most famous stages and DJ booths across the globe

We caught up with Juliet Fox who tells us about her experience at a health and wellbeing retreat…

Juliet Fox: Being on tour really does energise me. When you’re playing to crowds across the globe, and feeding off their excited and welcoming energy, it’s really something. It can definitely get hectic of course, and I’ve had a crazy good run of gigs across the last two months – although it can be physically and mentally demanding, I’m ever so grateful for the experience.

Off the back of a tour in North America – where I played several cities including Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, New York, Orlando, Salt Lake City and Juarez in Mexico – South America was next. In between gigs in Uruguay and Argentina, I had the opportunity to briefly sever ties with all the everyday distractions and responsibilities at a retreat in Tigre, just outside Buenos Aires.

Psychologically, what a difference this makes. Think digital detox, nourishing vegetarian foods, yoga and meditation, traditional spiritual medicine, and grabbing that connection with nature and myself, even. Nothing new here, of course, we’re very much in the midst of a global fixation with mindfulness – but it’s a positive fixation to have, right? We’re seeing more artists speaking on these experiences, especially with more industry-targeted retreats like Doorly’s Orbit DJ retreats in Ibiza which launched in October.

I find these intense self-examining experiences to be powerfully beneficial. During this time out, I especially felt a sense of gratitude for where I am with my career, as well as finding a reconnection with particular points in my life that have inspired my relationship with music. I had time to note down my feelings and experiences, write new lyrics, and think about future goals and what I personally want to achieve.

Part of the retreat included yoga classes, and a group singing and writing session of native Indian music which was just beautiful to listen to and understand some of the meanings. The Tibetan sound bath and meditation sessions were also very stimulating. I recorded snippets from the traditional village songs and I’m hoping this will inspire new music so I can share this experience at some point in the future.

Those few days put me back on track, with newfound focus and a healthy structure that I can follow here on, or at least keep as a solid reminder to take time out when needed. From the retreat I was thrown straight back into the heart of it all, playing at the incredible Crobar Club in Buenos Aires which was my first show in Argentina to date. My ability to make the switch between these contrasting environments gave me an added confidence boost in realising just how strong-willed and adaptable I can be, and to gain extra confidence of how strong the mind can be.



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