Head Of Clouds Drops New Single ‘Selene’

The melodic house/techno track is out now on Head Of Clouds Records.

Head of Clouds is an artist who has been bubbling away with a series of singles on his self-titled record label, Head of Clouds Records.

We have covered a few of his releases and each time he continues to impress, especially for a new artist, as his tracks show a musicality not always heard in electronic music.

Mixing strong feelings of emotion that come from his powerful choice of melody and clever use of pads, he seems to be a master of dropping in percussion to lift the mood and not just the energy.

This latest track called ‘Selene’ is a little different from what we have heard from Head of Clouds in the past, it follows the single-track release format that he seems to like, but it lifts the tempo and makes more use of drum sounds.

It’s also a touch darker and more intense than some of his brighter and more uplifting offerings such as the previously released tracks ‘Don’t Embrace Me Yet’ and ‘Almond Eyes’.

‘Selene’ opens with the building suspense of a tight kick drum and crisp snares underpinned by dramatic bass swells. Poignant piano stabs contrast with an uplifting arpeggio line and muffled samples of what sounds like joyous conversation.

Not being able to make out the words of the vocals adds to the track’s intrigue and its epic breakdown section leads to a relaxed section where the tension slowly builds towards a second breakdown.

It’s definitely more an end-of-the-night tune rather than a peak-time weapon, but it’s certainly got a lot of personality, and would be a very useful asset to use in a DJ set.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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