Cosmic Pineapple Return To Pikes Ibiza for Charity Event In Support Of The Amazon Rainforest

On the 21st of July, the mini-festival will feature DJ sets from Josh Wink, Lauren Lane, Ben Westbeech & more…

The profits will be split between helping the Amazon’s Huni Kuin tribe, Love Support Unite in Malawi, and Creatives For The Planet.

Cosmic Pineapple returns to Pikes Ibiza for the third summer event. A great cosmic weave, the 12-hour mini-festival will bring together powerful energies to create a magical and transformational experience.

From the DJs who will guide your dance in the Space Rave – welcoming back a secret surprise guest who played our first year of cosmic and who will play an extra special cosmic Space Rave opening set from 10pm, plus another legend of the rave, Josh Wink (who last time showed true chivalry in the Space Rave), Lauren Lane, a live acoustic poolside from Ali Love, Ben Westbeech, Lex Wolf, Sadeedo and more music around the Pikes wonderland. Plus breathwork, dance and cacao ceremony in the Cosmic Activation Dome, the Cosmic Bazar Night Market, the Healing Garden and a special outdoor film screening and songs from the Huni Kuin tribe of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, we have a beautiful event waiting for you to experience.

Coming from the jungle to share their wisdom and energy, we are very happy to welcome the Huni Kuin people. In the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, the Kaxinawá people (self-claimed Huni Kuin, “true people”) are experiencing their cultural and spiritual renaissance. ‘Eskawatã Kayawai’ – “The spirit of transformation” is a feature film, shot deep in the forest with the Huni Kuin people, showing the beauty and simplicity of everyday life, the enchantments of the forest medicines and the effort of what it takes for a tribe to rediscover themselves in communion with nature.

The Amazon represents a third of the world’s tropical forests, and is called the lungs of the planet. In the first six months of 2022 deforestation in the Amazon rainforest hit a new record. Since January, almost 4,000 square metres of forest have been deforested, an increase of 10% compared to the same months last year. It also had the highest number of fires in June for the last 15 years. Brazil is currently one of the most dangerous countries for environmental activists, where 20 were murdered this past year. Such factors become increasingly alarming due to President Bolsonaro’s stance on reserves and natural resources, where the government has been reversing environmental protection laws and encouraging illegal loggers, ranchers and miners to devastate the forest. Such a stance also directly affects the indigenous populations that inhabit the region. Several laws have been passed to remove the rights of indigenous people, delay the processes of demarcation of their lands, and even encourage illegal miners and loggers in their territories, leaving these people in a situation of violence, threats, territorial invasions and extreme social and cultural vulnerability. The rainforest is home to the most isolated indigenous societies on the planet, with at least 120 scattered groups. In 2020, Bolsanaro presented the bill PL191/2020 to the National Congress that would allow both mining and hydroelectric plants on indigenous lands. The president promised to open up the Amazon for business and specified indigenous lands as his main target. Bolsonaro has repeatedly pledged not to demarcate “a single centimetre” of new indigenous territory and forcibly integrate indigenous peoples into Brazilian society.

Amidst the chaos a divine uprising is happening – the true tribes of the Amazon are coming out of the forest to let their voices be heard. After decades of slavery during the rubber plantation era, when they were captured in the forests with dogs, marked with numbers and forbidden to speak their language and live their culture. It took more than 20 years of hard work, prayers, and cultural strengthening undertaken by the spiritual leader Ninawá Pai da Mata so that his people could return to their ancestral way of life.

After living as non-indigenous and now back to their identity, they seek to combine the best of both worlds. Such a powerful return home is an example for the world, especially in the critical moment in which we live, proving that it is possible to rescue ancestry and revolutionise everyday life to be in harmony with the planet.

The outdoor film screening begins at 8pm, including songs and prayers from the jungle and a Q+A with Huni Kuin tribe and the film’s director, Patrick Belem.

Cosmic Pineapple is a charity based event. The events are held at the legendary Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, since 2016; a beautiful venue with much to explore and the perfect canvas to paint an event on. This charity ethos is based on aspects of yogic philosophy – mainly Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Bhakti Yoga (devotion) – offering up our ‘practice’ inside to a higher cause than ourselves. We work with causes ranging from earth healing, to abuse, to war zones, to animals and much more, and have raised over 35,000 GBP so far. The offerings from this event will be split between help for the Huni Kuin tribe’s work and also for Love Support Unite in Malawi and Creatives For The Planet.

You can find tickets and more info HERE.


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