Flow Music’s ‘Beyond Sound’ Short Film Is Being Screened At ADE

It will be showing at Studio K in Amsterdam on the 20th of October as part of a screening event starting at 9pm.

RPU and Polychrome present an evening of short films on the 20th of October at Studio K in Amsterdam.

Four short films will be screened from 9pm before the beginning of their club event that will follow the screenings. Those with tickets for the club event will get free entry for the film screenings, but anyone who only wishes to watch the movies will be charged an entry of €8.50.

Polychrome are a Dutch record label based in Amsterdam and RPU are a DJ/creative collective also based in the city and they have collaborated on the event along with the organisers behind the Studio K venue located at: Timorplein 62 1094 CC Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The four short films include the 2022 film ‘Beyond Sound’ which was directed by Leonie Gerner and edited by Anselm and made in association with Flow Music.

Info and the screening order of the four films can be found below…

Techno Mama (2021)

Nikita loves to listen techno music and dreams to go to Berlin and visit the famous club “Berghain”. His mother Irena doesn’t know about her son’s dreams and soon enough their mutual expectations will clash. Directed by Saulius Baradinskas.

Beyond Sound (2022)

The short film By Leonie Gerner draws a line between being a DJ and dealing with elementary life setbacks. The German DJs Heimlich Knueller and Madmotormiquel take us through their lives as producers and DJs in Berlin. They dive deep into the beginnings of one of the city’s biggest festivals ‘Fusion’ and open the door into Berlin’s famous club culture. Touching on things like, where Berlin’s club culture was born, why festivals influenced the city’s club scene, and how it feels to grow old in the music industry. The film was produced right before Corona hit the world.

平安 – HEIAN (2019)

Imagine that you’ve partied all night and until the early hours. People going to school, work and all this normality looks strange through your eyes. The short film by Hidde Simons features an original soundtrack by Fatima Yamaha.

Sensory Overload: Inducing Trance Through Rave (2022)

In the film’s title ‘trance’ refers to that feeling on the dance floor when everything feels right and the only thing that’s on your mind is when the next beat is going to come. This video collage is meant to serve as a simulation of the hybrid media space of rave culture, it unfolds the shared collective consciousness and the trance of this hyperreality. It is a short film by Ipek Usman.

After the films finish, the music of the club night will start, featuring DJ sets and live performances from Berton (IT)/buen clima (live) (CL)/Daisy Moon (GB)/Eversines (NL) & RDS (NL)/Jean Jacques (NL)/Kid Phantastic (AU)/Marea (IT)/Noord Loop (FR)

You can find tickets for the film showings HERE

You can find tickets for the club event HERE


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