Dole & Kom Launch Their New Record Label ‘Smoking Hot Records’

Out now, the first release features one of their own tracks plus a remix by Peter Makto.

Dole & Kom are a German duo who have produced deep and melodic tracks for labels such as Bar 25, 3000 Grad Records and our very own Flow Music record label.

Their tracks have an immersive atmosphere with uplifting melodies and crisp percussion that forms captivating grooves that enchant the dance floor and their latest release sees the launch of their new record label, Smoking Hot Records.

Smoking Hot Records first release features an original track by Dole & Kom called “Ardani” alongside a remix by Hungarian artist Peter Makto.

Peter Makto makes melodic house/techno with organic percussion that sometimes overlaps into the organic house genre and his music can be heard on labels ranging from Hoomidaas to his own record label Truesounds Music.

Ardani opens the release with throbbing sub bass and sparse piano chords layered over flickering high-end percussion. Sweeping string pads add poignant emotions that are carried forth by the upbeat energy of the flowing percussion.

Peter Makto’s remix adds twinkling melodies and additional synth sounds to bring out the tracks melodic elements and give it a hauntingly beautiful sound.

You can pick up a copy HERE.


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