Dm (Mx) Drops New Single ‘Nature’

Out via Happy Camper Records the release also features remixes by The Soul Brothers, Unders and Ape Chimba.

Happy Camper Records is a Dutch record label that’s focused on organic house with deep atmosphere and rich percussion.

The label’s latest release features an original track by Dm (Mx) who is a Mexican artist that’s also one half of The Soul Brothers duo.

The original track called “Nature” is a trippy cut with lots of atmospheric sounds that are surround techy percussion tribal percussion. The percussive rhythms give the track a techy groove that is perfect for the dance floor.

There are also three remix versions including one by The Soul Brothers who have worked with labels such as Sol Selectas, Abracadabra Music and Magician On Duty. When working in a solo capacity Dm (Mx) aka Dani Muñoz has dropped music via labels such as Cafe De Anatolia and Lump Records.

The Soul Brothers remix loosens the groove and adds more high-end percussion to bring even more emphasis to the percussion.

There is also a collaborative remix by Unders and Ape Chimba who are working together for the first time. Ape Chimba is a Spanish artist who is known for his spiritual style of organic house and Unders is a well-respected producer known for his music on great record labels ranging from Sol Selectas to Katermukke.

Unders and Ape Chimba restructure the original’s parts and add a powerful vocal that give mystic vibes to the track. Unders also delivers a solo dub version that cuts away their added vocals.

You can pick up a copy from HERE.


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