DADADISCO Deliver Flow Sessions A Feel-Good Mix Of Disco

The French duo are currently based in Berlin and regularly DJ across Europe.

DADADISCO sight their influences as everything from hard rock to synthetic ambience.

DADADISCO are a French duo who are currently based in Berlin. Known for their eclectic style that knows no boundaries, they were well known for their legendary DJ sets at Berlin clubs such as Bar 25, but they are also popular headline artists who regularly play across Europe.

Although disco is at the core of their sets, they love to experiment and tease the crowd with tracks from other genres. They are also skilled producers who have featured on the Bar 25 record label when remixing a track by dOP.

Their epic 3-hour and 33-minute DJ set for Flow Sessions is a funk-fuelled work of art that is full of feel-good vibes and uplifting energy.

Words from the artist: “If you were to ask, DADADISCO wouldn’t name a single specific source of their inspiration. These two French gourmands take in and digest pretty much everything, from hard rock and heavy metal to synthetics and ambience… That means you can expect anything from Denis and Guillaume but cliché. Design, art, cinema and fashion are just as important to them as music. And it all comes through in their sets. These gents are very much the products of the “promiscuous and omnivorous” disco mayhem, forever imprinted in the collective memory of club culture as Bar25. It was through this jolly demonic mill, fumes and flames, thick and thin, that this combo blazed their way onto Berlin’s raucous music scene. Veritable performers, their epic endless sets were somewhat of a cross between music and circus. When it closed for good, DADADISCO went global, spreading their retro-futuristic sound along with their overtly surrealist attitude. “Dada” in their name refers, of course, to a movement that in the mid-20th century famously repudiated and mocked all sorts of artistic conventions while emphasizing the illogical and absurd. DADADISCO keeps experimenting with genres and influences to discover and deliver their own unique blend of sexy electronica, always favouring spontaneity over etiquette. The name sticks on all of these counts. Tout est DADA, DADA est partout.


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