Australian Artist, Blake Strange Drops Debut Album ‘Alter Ego’

The nine track release is out now via Jannowitz Records.

Blake Strange is an artist from Sydney, Australia and he has a dark and atmospheric style of techno with stripped-back grooves.

Blake Strange is already established on the Australian scene having played DJ sets at events such as the Dune festival. He has also played international gigs in places like Germany where he was booked at the Waagenbau nightclub in Hamburg.

Also a talented producer, Blake Strange has solidified a relationship with BOHO and his record label Jannowitz, which is the imprint that’s putting out his new release ‘Alter Ego’.

Alter Ego is Blake Strange’s debut album and it’s a dark and driving release that fits best within the peak-time techno genre but does have some minimal and melodic elements to it.

It’s a nine-track release including two remixes alongside seven original productions. Three of the original productions are individual collaborations with BOHO, Jakob and Rad.Lez.

The album opens with the title track “Alter Ego” which has a pulsating bass and electrifying synth stabs. The second track, “Push,” is the joint effort between Rad.Lez which is a pulsating techno track that builds to an epic breakdown before the drums hit back in. With its creepy atmospherics and arpeggio, “Velvet Eyes” increases the intensity. The fourth song is the Mr. Bizz remix of “Push”, which expands on the original’s sound by giving it a more laid-back groove with uplifting synths.

“Finders Keepers” has a hammering kick drum underneath an eerie soundscape. The sixth song is a remix of Alter Ego by Mala Ika, who adds a muffled vocal and sparkling melody synths which combine with the energising flow of a new bassline. The suspense is further built up with “Arrival” before “Obey” introduces menacing lyrics and creepy atmosphere. The last track, “Nightcrawler,” ends the release with menacing synth stabs and a captivating vocal that gives the track its title.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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