90% Of People Would Attend A Live Event In the UK

‘Festicket’ surveyed 140,000 festival goers to gather the information.

A survey conducted by UK organisation Festicket has found results that show 90% of UK festival-goers would feel confident attending a live event in 2021.

140,000 people were surveyed by Festicket, and 79% of those would feel comfortable going to an event between June and August. That figure rises to 90% when asked about attending events between August and December.

Of the people surveyed, 82% were planning to attend at least two events this year if not more. Over 50% felt confident booking tickets for both UK and international events.

Questions were also asked about the COVID vaccine, and 7.9% felt that even with a vaccination they would not want to attend a public event.

To feel safe, the people surveyed said that they would expect to see some on-site changes at events. Extra cleaning and hygiene measures were some of the things highlighted, in addition to contactless systems also being in place.

70% of the people surveyed said they would be more encouraged to attend events that implement a Covid-secure cashless system of taking payments. When buying tickets, people wanted clear communication and reassurance about refunds if there is last-minute cancellation due to COVID.

Zack Sabban is CEO of Festicket, and he said: “It’s clear there has been a shift in perspective in the UK over the past month.

“Following the Prime Minister’s announcement in February, stories of 2021 events selling out have become common but we wanted to dig a little deeper.

“Coupling customer opinion with ongoing event partner conversations puts us in a strong position to help the industry bounce back successfully.

“It’s important that the industry works within all government guidance available but more specifically, listening to your fans is essential and delivering events in the way they now demand is critical for success.

According to the UK Government’s road map for reopening, June 21st is the date currently being aimed at for events with no social distancing to go ahead.

H/T: Mixmag


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