YouTube has plans to recommend products shown in videos

The streaming site will detect items shown in videos and generate a list of related products to buy.

YouTube has revealed new plans for detecting items shown in watched videos and suggesting them in targeted adds as users scroll through the platform.

The automated technology is currently being trialled on some users based in the US. If the tests are successful, it is speculated that it could be a huge change for the advertising industry.

In a statement on the subject, YouTube said: “We are experimenting with a new feature that displays a list of products detected in some videos, as well as related products,” continuing to say, “The goal is to help people explore more videos and information about those products on YouTube.

Tests first began in April last year and have continually been developed until the beta release that’s currently being trialled.

Laura Weldon is the founder of brand designer Studio LWD, and she said: “This could be huge, giving [YouTube owner] Google a large piece of the affiliate-link market that works so well on Instagram and could potentially put them in the same shopping space.

“It will also mean that videos can be easily commercialised, which gives huge potential for small businesses as they can easily upload various videos of their products and then the viewer can buy.

“If this takes off, it could possibly signal the end of traditional advertising as we know it.

H/T: BBC News



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