Sabo’s Sol Selectas Drops New Compilation ‘Global Entry 4’

The 11 track release is out now.

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas is a highly influential organic house record label.

Sol Selectas today released a new compilation called Global Entry 4 which features 11 heart-warming tracks that include genres such as organic house, Afro house, deep tech and indie dance.

The record label is well known for its annual Summer Sol compilation, which celebrates the summer party season, and this release is its winter counterpart that marks the year’s cold months coming to an end.

Both compilations often present a selection of fresh talent and this release includes a whole swath of new talent with eight of the eleven tracks coming from artists making their Sol Selectas debut. Amour Propre and Memo Rex are the only two artists that have previously released on the record label.

All of the tracks are exceptionally well produced and orientate around flowing percussion rhythms. There is so much great music that you need to listen to the full release to get a proper feel for it, but there were a few tracks that stood out to us.

The Afro house groove of Alar’s track “Jumja” jumps out due to the way it lifts in intensity as each new section is introduced and its dramatic vocals give it a memorable sound.

Rex & Lyda Feat. VanaVana’s Aksum is another stand-out, as it perfectly embodies the Sol Selectas sound with its majestic synths, chanting vocals and upbeat percussion.

GEØVHÄN’s Nakuru is a darker cut with a melodic flow that unfolds with rippling bass stabs and shuffling percussion rhythms.

This release is everything we have come to expect from Sol Selectas, and you can buy a copy HERE.


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