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Flow Podcast 25 | BLANCAh

Fresh for releasing the incredible Arias Of Sky album on Renaissance Records, Brazilian techno DJ & Producer BLANCAh delivers a stunning Flow Podcast.

There are few, if any, artists currently working in electronic music to match BLANCAh’s talent and versatility. Whether it’s DJing, singing live (often during sets) or producing, BLANCAh’s creative cup constantly overflows. This why BLANCAh has become one of South America’s breakout stars with a CV that includes some of the world’s most renowned platforms. From releases on Steyoyoke, Movement, and Lost On You; touring the globe, and holding residencies at two of the world’s most famous clubs (Brazil’s Warung and D-Edge), BLANCAh is proof-positive that cream always rises.

Flow Music is delighted to welcome BLANCAh to the Flow Podcast series.

BLANCAh Arias Of Sky is out now on Renaissance Records. Buy at


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