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Markus Suckut returns to Rekids with his ‘Heaven Is A State Of Mind’ LP

Rekids regular Markus Suckut drops his third album entitled ‘Heaven Is A State Of Mind’

When not helming his own imprints, SCKT and Pattern Research, the Düsseldorf artist has been releasing on Rekids since 2015 and is now a core member of the label’s family. No stranger to the long player format having released two albums previously, Markus Suckut returns to Radio Slave’s label with a quality eleven track album dedicated to his mother.

From the word go Suckut’s album demonstrates his versatility as a musician, initiating with a beatless intro named ‘Escape’, before ‘Breeze’ comes into play with its skipping percussion and loopy atmospherics. Crunchy snares and crystalline synths make up ‘Sun’s Out’ whilst ‘Future Is Not Always Bright’ drives forward with its sultry low-end, ethereal pads and sci-fi bleeps, leading into ‘Take A Break’ and its medley of elaborate drums, living up to its name.

‘Above The Clouds’ is comprised of intricate notes and soothing chords whilst the machinelike ‘Orchid’ features electro inspired melodies, contrasting to the album’s title track, ‘Heaven Is A State Of Mind’, with its bumpy bass and warping textures. ‘Wonderland (Version)’ is a ghostly acid cut, moving into the syncopated and ominous ‘We Will All Disappear One Day’ and its purring bassline until a moody two-step number entitled ‘Death Is Not Final’ ties it all together with twisted sequences and trippy effects.

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