Lionshake Drops New Single ‘The Exit’

The melodic techno track is out now on YAW Records

YAW Records is a label set up by an emerging talent from Belgian called Lionshake.

Lionshake is currently based in the Italian city of Genoa, and recently dropped his fourth release titled “The Exit”. The single-track release showcases a highly skilled producer that we anticipate hearing more from in the future.

So far, all of Lionshake’s releases have been via his own YAW Records, but we expect him to also land on other imprints following more industry-leading support, that his talent justifies.

One of the things that stands out most about his music is the layered use of melody, and how the synth lines eloquently overlap with each other.

All of the percussion is well-produced and holds the groove nicely, and it’s introduced at a gradual pace that keeps the listener engaged without overstimulating the ear.

The warmth of the bassline radiates through the track and helps create that expansive feeling of sound filling a cavernous space.

There is a large breakdown section near the start of the track, which doesn’t make it the easiest to mix, but that depends on your DJ style.

Overall, it’s a great track, and we can’t wait to hear more from Lionshake.

You can pick up a copy HERE


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