Giorgia Angiuli Talks About Mental Health, Spirituality & Her New Album

Based in Italy, she is a talented producer boasting releases on some of the world’s most influential record labels.

Giorgia Angiuli is a multi-instrumentalist and talented producer who has released tracks on labels ranging from Crosstown Rebels to Einmusika.

Giorgia Angiuli is a classically trained musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Using her skills to produce electronic music she is known globally for her melodic style of house and techno. She is also a talented live preformer who has performed headline sets at clubs and festivals across the globe.

Born in Puglia, Giorgia Angiuli is an Italian artist with roots that go deep into the club scene of her home country, and she has also released tracks on influential record labels such as Stil vor Talent, Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch and Einmusika.

Her tracks are known for their tantalising melodies and uplifting atmosphere that soar with emotive energy. In November 2021 she is due to drop a thirteen-track album called ‘Quantum Love’ on her own label UNITED, and the second single “Renew” is scheduled for October 22nd.

Excited to learn more about the new album and some of her other passions in life, we caught up with Giorgia Angiuli to run through this exclusive interview…

Hi Giorgia, it’s great to be chatting with you today. What part of the world are you currently based in, and what’s the local lockdown situation?

Hello guys, my pleasure, thanks for inviting me!

I am talking to you from Monopoli, my lovely home town in southern Italy. After long and hard months of lockdown, we are finally enjoying a bit of freedom. Unfortunately, dance events are still not allowed, but at least I can enjoy the beach and the sun.

The last couple of years have been tough, especially for those working in the music industry. How have you managed your mental health, as I understand you like to meditate?

When covid arrived I experienced a huge life change because I stopped travelling around the world, no gigs and no social relations. It was really painful to deal with the uncertainty and I experienced a lot of anxiety in the first months. Then I started to practice daily meditation and I used to compose music to enjoy my meditation sessions. Thanks to music, everything was smoother. I spent a lot of time in reading books, learning new things and appreciating all the little things around me. I started the covid time with a lot of pain and, after months, this dark mood left space to a big feeling of cosmic gratitude. 

Meditation is often associated with mindfulness, and I wanted to hear your thoughts and opinions on that topic? 

I did some online courses on sound therapy & mindfulness and I fell in love with music even more. I would suggest to everyone to investigate more the topic of mindfulness. Mindfulness encourages us to look at ourselves, in the moment. Most people don’t do this; in fact, it is a challenging thing to do, but the reward for developing this habit is immense. Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment.

In your opinion, what are some simple things people can do to be more mindful of themselves and others? 

There are many books and courses available online. It is important and very useful to learn how to stay focused in the present moment. It’s something simple but not easy for me. I practice every day and I feel a little transformation step by step. I am still an anxious and insecure person but I can see that I am on the right path. I am trying to use this attitude in every moment of my life:  being non-judgmental, staying curious and kind. 

Do you feel that the concepts of mindfulness or spirituality have any influence on your music? 

Absolutely yes and I feel so grateful for this influence. Music is a powerful language and helps us to connect with a divine language. Sound has always been considered a direct link between humanity and the divine and every cell within our body is a sound resonator. 

Talking about your music, I understand you have a new album coming out this year. Could you let us know a little more about this project?  

In December I will release my next album ‘Quantum Love’, on my record label United. I started to compose it after reading a full bio about Einstein and I felt so inspired, guided by the idea that everything is vibration. Musically speaking it is an eclectic work, including piano downtempo tracks and techno melodic tracks with ethereal vocals. I wanted to use my music as a language of hope and my lyrics are written with this in mind.

What was the main inspiration for the album and is there a concept behind it? 

Music has been always a mirror of my emotions and experiences, I have never been able to compose music starting from analysing what’s happening in the market. Making music, for me,  is first of all a need and a therapy, that’s why I need to stay 100% true to myself. This album comes from connecting two experiences: my first tour in India and my interest in scientific books (I could never have imagined being in love with scientific topics) …

A few days ago I had this image in my mind and it describes perfectly how I feel about my music right now: it is like a hug between West and East under the impartial supervision of science and new technology. I studied classical guitar, I am a huge fan of classical music but I love electronic music and new technologies; I’m the kind of person that wants always to be updated about new synths and midi controllers.

Stepping away from music for a second, I’m told you are also interested in Neuroscience, and I wanted to ask what sparked your interest in such a complex subject? 

Our brain is like a miracle and neuroscience gives us the keys to open many doors.

I was so interested to understand why people get goosebumps listening to music, so I did some research and I became obsessed with all these topics related to brain functions.  I discovered many amazing things studying the electrical connections of the brain and I understood that it is not magical, it is neuroscience.

As a musician, I was impressed to understand how our brainwaves can change their electrical activity thanks to external sound stimulation. It is scientifically proven that sound does not only affect a person’s ears, because we absorb sound vibrations through the entire body, and the correct combination of specific frequencies can positively affect a person’s wellbeing. Music is considered the oldest form of healing, and neuroscience and quantum physics will help us to transform music into the medicine of the future. 

Thanks for talking with me today, what’s coming up next in your schedule?  

I have many gigs and I am so excited to play again around the world and I am also developing a special device to do with our brainwaves… I can’t wait to share more news with you.

Before we finish, is there a message to fans or anything else you would like to add?

Be kind to yourself, you can renew every day. We are all connected, ‘United’.

I really hope that my new album will resonate with you.

Below is a live version of the opening track from Giorgia Angiuli forthcoming album which can be pre-ordered from HERE.


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