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Frankey & Sandrino pair up on Innervisions for a three track release entitled ‘Mercury EP’

The Sum Over Histories label bosses and globetrotting DJs return to the Berlin based imprint this October

Known for appearing on top tier labels like Mule Musiq, Diynamic and Kompakt, not to mention their own Sum Over Histories imprint, the eclectic German duo continue to deliver deep and melodic music with their fifth release on the illustrious label, founded by Dixon and Âme, Innervisions.

Since their initial meeting, although both from slightly different musical backgrounds, the two were sharing similar passions for the deeper and more melodic side of house music. It wasn’t long before a joint alias was formed and their productions began to snowball, grabbing the attention of Four:Twenty Records and Mood Music.

This latest release showcases the pair in perfect light with a club ready selection of three original cuts, all taking you on an aural journey back into the depths of emotionally captivating house music.

Frankey & Sandrino’s ‘Mercury EP’ is out now on Innervisions and can be streamed/downloaded here:

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