Eric Lune Talks About His New EP “Desire” Feat. Dave Seaman + GMJ & Matter

The release is out now on Flow Music’s record label, and has already entered Beatport’s sales charts.

Eric Lune is an Australian artist from Melbourne who is a talented DJ and producer with a large fanbase both in and outside of Australia.

In addition to playing festivals and events across Australia, he has also released music on record labels including Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank, Sound Avenue and Proton.

Most recently, Flow Music released a new EP from Eric Lune on our record label, which along with his two original tracks also features remixes by Dave Seaman plus GMJ & Matter.

It’s the second release on our Flow Music record label, and already it’s entered Beatport’s Top 10 sales charts.

Excited to share more about the release, we invited Eric Lune for this interview…

Hi Eric, thanks for finding the time to answer some questions for us, we are stoked to work with you alongside some industry heavyweights for our second release…

“Thanks gang!”

It’s been a challenging period for the music industry, how’s 2021 been for you?

“Yeah, seeing how much the music industry has suffered over the last few years really hurts. On a personal note, I was able to work and even found more time for my productions as well as myself in general. So, I don’t have anything to complain about, and feel really fortunate, but I can only imagine how hard this year has been for so many people. In terms of DJing, I’ll be making up for lost time with plenty of gigs next year.”

Tell us a bit more about your new EP “Desire”?

“I wrote the tracks during the lockdown, and a lot of my inspiration behind the music was based on missing those big dance floor moments. So often, I write music because I’m craving something in my life, and those two originals are a perfect encapsulation of that. Plus, I’m always looking for a chance to bust out the guitar.”

How have your recent gigs been since lockdown, as I saw you recently played a boat party in Melbourne that was hosted by Morning After?

“Yeah, only that one gig so far. But the vibe was incredible, what a day. It was heart-warming to watch people dance to my music, and it definitely gave me the confidence to play more of my own tunes in the DJing environment.”

How did you first find your love for electronic music?

“I was a bit of an angsty teen rocker who listened to everything except electronic music, but it wasn’t until I heard Burial in my late teens that I started to open my eyes to that world. I remember seeing Guy J when I was around 19, and that set me on a progressive house production path, but I listen and love all types of electronic music ranging from ambient to jungle plus everything in between.”

What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

“Firstly, I try to mentally map out how I want a set to go. There are a few basic factors to consider when I’m doing this, as I need to think about the time I’m playing, the kind of party it is, and what kind of statement I’d like to make. Sometimes I’m also thinking about any of my own tracks that I want to test out on the crowd. I’ll usually create some sort of intro track, either a bootleg of something I already finished or a fully new original. But you never know how a night’s going to go, so I’ll have a bunch of tunes in the back of my mind that I will fit a variety of moods.

Dave Seaman plus GMJ & Matter both remixed your new release on Flow Music’s record label, what was it like having those guys rework your music?

“Yeah, still pinching myself about this one. Dave has been a massive influence of mine for many years, and I still listen to his GU Cape Town on regular basis. He’s one of those Producer/DJs that I’ll always listen to whenever he puts something out. GMJ and Matter are also huge heroes of mine! I’ve been following them for so long, and always looked up to them as leaders of the Australian scene. They are incredible DJs and their productions are always top quality, I’m actually listening to Matter’s album as we talk.”

Tell us about your other recent releases and mixes, as we really enjoyed your recent Balance podcast?

“Thank you! Yeah, that Balance mix was a biggie for me. So, I put a lot of love, time and effort into making it the best possible. It’s such an honour to be part of that series, that’s for sure! Another mix I’m really proud of was the 333 Session I did for you guys. I’m yet to have an opportunity for longer DJ sets, and that 333 mix really scratched that itch for me so was such a joy to record. Lastly, I’m really proud of my recent recording from the boat party we mentioned before. I played lots of my new tunes, and I think it all worked out really well. Plus, the crowd noise is a bit of a laugh lol.”

Now that it’s post lockdown for Melbourne’s electronic music community, how do you feel
the city’s scene has been recovering?

“We’ve only recently been able to allow for 100% capacity for venues, but so far, I think Melbourne’s doing pretty well. There are lots of sold-out shows and people getting amongst it on the dance floor. I just hope that energy can continue!”

Apart from DJing & producing how do you keep yourself busy?

“Honestly, balancing my day job with music is more than enough. Throw in the rest of my social life and the schedule is already full to the brim.”

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear/play it?

“There are so many great tracks out there, but ‘Burial & Four Tet – Nova’ is one I’ll always come back to.”

Who is your personal favourite DJ, and how have they influenced your own style?

“I would say Sasha, as aside from his iconic mix CDs and classic productions, I love that you never quite know what Sasha you’re going to get whenever you see him play. The sounds of his productions and sets have drastically morphed and changed over the years, and that’s something I really connect with. Personally, I really struggle making tracks or DJing with music that sounds very similar. Sometimes I worry that I’m shoehorning myself into playing a particular style of progressive house, but Sasha is someone who has always managed to mix things, and people respect him for that.”

What’s already planned in your schedule for 2022?

“You’ll be able to find me at a number of events around Australia, which are all yet to be announced. I have a handful of EPs and remixes to come out too, and that includes a release on one of my all-time favourite labels. Right now, I can’t say too much, but it’s exciting stuff!”

It’s been great to see the Flow Music release come to fruition, and a pleasure to talk with you. Is there a message for your fans or anything else you would like to add?

“Likewise, you guys at Flow clearly care about music and the industry as a whole, so working with you has been wonderful. And for my fans, I have nothing but thanks and gratitude for listening to me, and connecting to my music – I love you all!”

You can pick up a copy of Eric Lune’s “Desire” EP feat. Dave Seaman and GMJ & Matter from HERE


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