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DJ Be Kind To Other People has made this incredible 3.5 hour video from his garage for 333 Sessions

We caught up with the “Coburg Up Late” creator, who captured his entire set on multicam for a spectacular audiovisual treat.

In addition to creating a truly outstanding, euphoric & uplifting progressive house mix, DJ Be Kind To Other People, the high-octane host of beloved dance music talk show “Coburg Up Late”, has filmed the whole journey for 333 Sessions 032.

Hey Cal, it’s so good to have you on the 333 series. We adore the mix and we’ve admired your contribution to Melbourne’s electronic music community since you started! 

Hey guys, thank you so much! I feel the exact same way about Flow Music and the amazing platform that you’ve provided for our community. In theme with the “Flow”, It really has felt like such a natural development to combine forces with you guys!

Aww, thank you! Congratulations on 1 year of Coburg Up Late! What inspired the show?

I remember live-streaming my DJ sets from home during COVID, like basically everyone else on the planet, but feeling like the plain brick wall in my garage made for a really boring backdrop.

The rest came together freakishly fast! After finishing a live-stream one night I…

– Decided to emphasise the bricks with a neon sign

– Came up with the name “Coburg Up Late” for said neon sign & designed the logo

– Sent the logo off to a signage company to be built & delivered within 14 working days!

I woke up the next morning completely obsessed & by the time the sign actually arrived at my house, I had conceptualised the whole show, built the website, lined up an amazing film crew, had T-shirts made & locked in my first six incredible guests!

That’s amazing! What were you hoping to achieve?

I just want to play music I love with people I admire, anything else that happens is a bonus!

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever created something and been 100% content in letting it simply be what it is. When I reflect on my past creations, it’s almost always been about gaining more exposure or growing my profile or doing something now to get somewhere else later and this is actually the first time I’ve found real fulfilment in just the ‘making’ part! Coburg Up Late brings me so much joy on a day-to-day basis!

That translates onto the screen too, you can tell you’re loving it! What’s next for the show?

Heaps & heaps! I started booking guests for Season 4 this week & one of my all-time fav artists in the world just confirmed this afternoon so I’ve been bouncing off the walls (well, more than usual) ever since!

We’re also filming our first ever episode in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE at a certain Melbourne nightclub that rhymes with Schmevolver Shmupstairs! I can’t announce it just yet but it’s going to be a massive 2 hour special with 4 epic guest DJs mixing into each other mid-interview with 6 cameras pointed at us in front of 200 people on the dance floor. If you can’t tell, I’m so excited. Watch this space!

We’ll be there, front and centre! Did you have anything else to add before we go?

Yes, 2 things actually!

Above all else I have learnt that this is a show built-on and sustained-by relationships;

Truly the most important thing that we have in life and all we’ve got at the end of the day.

The show thrives when I focus on my relationships and it suffers when I don’t. My biggest take-away has been to value my relationships first and foremost & the rest will just sort itself out.

So, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to every guest DJ, management team, crew member, fan, friend or family member for your unique and special relationships with me. I am genuinely so grateful for you all!

On that note, I’m also really embarrassed to admit that I forgot about my dear friend and musical hero Luke McD during the opening monologue of my 333 vid, so please make sure you check out his brilliant mix on the Flow Sessions Soundcloud… Sorry Luke, I f*ckin’ blew it mate!

Whoops, thank you so much Cal!
You can binge the entire Coburg Up Late back catalogue here: 
And, once you’ve rinsed his 333 video & Luke McD’s brilliant mix too, listen to DJ Be Kind To Other People’s epic set for 333 Sessions below: 


00:00:58 FOUR TET – 4T Recordings (Original Mix)

00:03:53 BE SVENDSEN – Flint (DJ Be Kind To Other People Edit)

00:07:57 PARRA FOR CUVA – Cupa Cupa (Original Mix)

00:12:14 16 BIT LOLITAS – Beat Organ (Original Mix)

00:18:09 GUY J – Once In A Blue Moon (Original Mix)

00:20:49 FULLTONE – C’est Bon (Original Mix)

00:27:42 NEWMAN – A Walk In The Plains (Original Mix)

00:33:59 RODRIGUEZ JR. – Santa Cruz (Original Mix)

00:37:14 MARSH – 1992 (Extended Mix)

00:41:59 BUDAKID – The End (Original Mix)

00:47:17 SAINTE VIE – High Seas (Original Mix)

00:54:57 R PLUS & DIDO – My Boy (Meduza Extended Remix)

01:00:46 EELKE KLEIJN – Lost Souls (Nora En Pure Remix)

01:06:36 YOTTO – Another Riff For The Good Times (Extended Mix)

01:12:05 BEN BÖHMER & MALOU – Lost In Mind (Volen Sentir Vision)

01:17:24 RAMPA & WHOMADEWHO – Tell Me Are We (Original Mix)

01:23:29 DOPPEL – Painted (Original Mix)

01:30:25 GORJE HEWEK & IZHEVSKI – Ereignies (Original Mix)

01:35:37 BROSS & VICTHOR – Night Tales (Original Mix)

01:41:30 16 BIT LOLITAS – Vette (Original Mix)

01:47:59 JORIS VOORN – Ringo (Original Mix)

01:53:50 DEE MONTERO & NEWMAN – Shadows (Original Mix)

02:00:09 RODRIGUEZ JR. – What Is Real (Deep in the Playa Mix)

02:07:19 ROY ROSENFELD – The Biggest Heart (Original Mix)


02:13:09 TALKING HEADS – This Must Be The Place


02:17:13 FABIAN KROOSS – Woanders (Original Mix)

02:22:33 NILS HOFFMAN – Wherever You Are (Tinlicker Remix)

02:26:53 DJ SEINFELD – Lilium (Original Mix)

02:33:32 HOT SINCE 82 – The End (Original Mix)

02:39:45 THE JOURNEY – Winter (Original Mix)

02:43:19 GAB RHOME – Hexagon Earth Theorists (Original Mix)

02:48:36 JAMIE STEVENS – Vigilant (Original Mix)

02:52:34 DAVI – Home (Original Mix)

02:58:08 DOPPEL feat. MR MICHAEL – Stormwater (Original Mix)

03:03:09 NICK WARREN – Devil’s Elbow (Max Cooper Remix)

03:10:49 MONKEY SAFARI – Hi Life (Cheeky Bold Cover)


03:19:07 CHIC – Good Times


03:22:23 MAX COOPER – Hope (Parra for Cuva Remix)

03:25:54 PRYDA – Melo (Original Mix)

03:33:13 HARRY STYLES – Treat People With Kindness (Acapella)



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