‘CLUBKULTUR Berlin’ Is A New Clubbing Documentary

Screening in outdoor theatres, the film uncovers the importance of the club scene in Germany’s capital.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin has been considered the pinnacle of the club scene.

With the pandemic has come the closure of Germany’s nightlife industry including its revenue and subculture. Berlin is known for its almost taboo-free party attitude, and open-minded venues with dazzling personality.

All of these things have been closed down during the pandemic, and it makes us ask the question will there be a return, and if so… what new form of club culture will emerge?

What impact has the closing of clubs had on those who frequent their dance floors, and also on those who rely on them for their income and lively hood?

Directors Leonie Gerner and Andrea Schumacher have set out on a mission to find answers to some of these questions, and uncover the true impact of the pandemic on Berlin’s club culture.

During the documentary, the guys speak with club operators, musicians, and DJs. Psychologists also share their opinion, and previously unpublished footage from the clubs is shown.

The topic is highly impactful on the lives of many Berlin residents, because the loss of nightlife has also had a wider impact on the economy of the city. Clubbing attracts international tourism from places ranging from New York to Tel Aviv, who come to Berlin for the world-famous music scene.

In Berlin, people can have a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience where they get to try everything that is taboo elsewhere else. Inside Berlin’s club scene many people experience an elixir of intimacy, sex, music, drugs, alcohol and other sensual delights.

The documentary can be watched as part of an open-air cinema tour, and with the pandemic finally starting to subside, now is absolutely the right time to see this thought-provoking film.

Giving an uncompromising look into Berlin’s underground, this film shows the club culture of a city famed for its nightlife.

Screenings start on the 10th of June, and you can find out more HERE


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