Clif Jack Drops New EP ‘Imminent’

The two track release is out now via Simina Grigoriu’s record label, Kuukou.

Clif Jack is a peak time techno artist whose releases on labels such as Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid.

Italian artist, Clif Jack is fast becoming a breakthrough techno artist of 2023, and his new release on Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou is a further testament to his skills as a music producer.

“Imminent” is a two-track release that combines hard percussion and bleeping synth melodies that give this release a classic sound.

Clif Jack has recently made appearances on respected record labels including Solamente, Le Club and Filth on Acid. This is his second time working with Kuukou, and he solidifies himself as part of the label’s roster, which includes music from other artists such as Torsten Kanzler, Hollen, Anna Reusch and [ Wex 10 ].

Adam Beyer also posted a video from his set at Awakenings where he was playing one of Clif Jack’s tracks to a massive crowd of people going mental to the music. So, there is already hype and anticipation building around this new release.

Both of the tracks on this new release have a peak time energy with sci-fi sounding vocals samples that add to the intensity of their futuristic sound. “Imminent” has synths that sound like the controls of a spacecraft, and its acid line only adds to the building suspense.

“Restless” is the second track, and like its predecessor, it has slamming percussion that hammers home a pounding groove. It’s the more hypnotic of the two tracks and has a dystopian atmosphere with creepy, intensity that’s augmented by the muffled tones of digitised vocals.

You can buy a copy from HERE.


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