Bambi Rambo Showcases An Eclectic Style With Her Captivating Flow Sessions Mix

Born in France but currently based in the UK she is a talented DJ and radio host.

Bambi Rambo hosts a regular show on Bloop London Radio.

A French artist currently living in London, Bambi Rambo has a DJ style that’s both uplifting and powerful, as she has broad music tastes and a versatility that allows her to effortlessly switch between styles. She is known to take the dancefloor on an invigorating journey full of captivating moments of surprises and delight. Often supporting tracks with 80’s inspired synths and piano riffs that emphasize the timeless style of her sets. Impossible to pidgin hole her sound you can expect to hear everything ranging from progressive and melancholic house all the way through to acid techno plus everything in between.

Words from the artists: This mix features some of my favourite tracks from the past 12-18 months. It’s composed of 55 tracks in total for this 3-3-22 special edition! This results in a short mixing time for each track and a quite energetic and varied session. The ballad unfolds in waves of different atmospheres and emotions across all kinds of genres and selecta.

If I had to specify I would say the first 1h20 is a nice buildup ending with a pop Italian song then we get on a Rambo mission through trippy and indie dance for about another 1h then some Bambi house and groove for 40mn ending on a deliciously cinematic Cerrone song, and then the set closes with another 40m of deep and melodic vibes.”


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