AFFKT Provides Flow Sessions With A Charismatic Mix Of Melodic House

The Spanish artist and owner of the Sincopat record label has played DJ sets in clubs all over the world.

AFFKT has released his music on key imprints such as Mobilee, Last Night On Earth, Disco Halal, Needwant, Exploited and Culprit.

Marc Martinez Nadal, aka AFFKT has consecrated a music career that’s been a driving force behind a vivid & empowering sound that is refined by his drive for perfection.

He feels deeply in communion with sounds that range from the most energetic techno to the most detailed and multi-coloured electronica.

Having worked on coining the sound of this alias since 2008, it has been a plethora of sound, place, person & culture that has provided a platform for AFFKT to experiment with his output.

Serving huge electronic crossover masterpieces that derive into the many sub-genres of music via key imprints such as Mobilee, Last Night On Earth, Disco Halal, Needwant, Exploited or Culprit and his very own Sincopat label.

Along with providing Flow Session with an epic DJ mix, he also took the time to run through some questions…

Thanks for recording us a podcast, could you describe the vibe/energy were you trying to capture with your track selection?

I really enjoyed recording a mix for Flow Sessions, I was able to develop and tell a longer story than I usually do in other podcasts. My main mission has been to make a coherent mix from beginning to end that makes you travel, and that can be listened to and enjoyed in different moments and situations. It would be great if after listening to the entire mix, you still want more. haha.

Whats your favourite track in the mix, and did you play any of your own music? 

This is a difficult question; there are many favourite songs in the mix. What I can tell you is that the mix contains quite a few songs from my new album ‘The Big Picture’ and I felt that they fit perfectly with the story I wanted to tell with the podcast, something I’m very happy about. I have also included some little musical gems that are coming soon on the Sincopat label and that you will be able to listen to for the very first time.

Plus a new remix I did for the band GusGus which I am personally really proud of.

Talking of your own tracks, whats new in your release schedule, as we would love to know more about your new music?

I have just released my new album on the Mobilee label, it’s definitely the most special and intimate LP I’ve done to date, so I hope people really enjoy it. The best way to introduce you to the album is to watch this video that perfectly reflects my vision for the album:

What do you think would be the perfect setting for someone to listen to your mix, and why do you think that would be the best place?

The mix can be enjoyed in many different places, but I guess the perfect place could be on a road trip and/or a small party with friends starting at sunset time.

Who is your personal favourite DJ, and how have they influenced your own style? 

I have so many favourites DJs and each of them had influenced me in a way, and I guess playing other styles like Drum & Bass or Techno in the past really influenced me a lot. My good friend Danny Fiddo, resident DJ for many years of the mythic club Barraca has influenced me and taught me that in terms of style, everything can be coherent if you know how to tell the story well.

Do you have a message for your fans or anything else you want to add?

Yes, music is my message so I hope you enjoy the mix very much. And please also check out my new album ‘The Big Picture’ on Mobilee Records

You can pick up a copy of AFFKT’s new album on Mobilee Records from HERE


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