Moby Reveals Trailer For His Documentary ‘Moby Doc’

The movie will uncover the story of his 30-year career in music.

Moby has had a busy month, as it was only a few weeks ago when he announced an orchestral album featuring some of his classic tracks.

This week he revealed the trailer for his new documentary called ‘Moby Doc’ which promises to give an uncompromising look into his 30-year career.

One of the most accomplished artists in electronic music, his album “Play” is one of the biggest selling electronic music albums of all time, and songs like “Go” and “Porcelain” remain anthemic tracks over a decade after their original release.

Although his music brought him great success and great financial gain the documentaries trailer reveals that his personal life hasn’t been without its issues.

Also, a political activist with strong world views, the film promises to let people know more about the man behind the music.

Giving a statement on the documentary, Moby said: “For the past 4 years I have also been working on ‘moby doc’, a unique and idiosyncratic film about my life, my activism and my music. One of the goals of making ‘moby doc’ was to try to make an honest and unconventional musical documentary like no other musical documentary. And, presumptuously, I think we made it … It will be released on May 28, but here’s the official breakthrough.

Directed by Rob Gordon Bralver, this documentary also has participation from others including film director David Lynch, as well as Julie Mitnz, Gary Baseman, Laura Dawn, Apollo Jane, Mindy Jones and Daniel Ahearn, Daron Murphy and Eric Harle.


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