Prismatica Drops New EP ‘Clariaudience’

The three-track release is out now via Baikal Nomads.

Baikal Nomads is a leading organic house/downtempo record label.

The latest release on Baikal Nomads is a three-track EP by Prismatica who last featured on the imprint in 2019.

A Mexican artist living in Tepoztlan, Prismatica’s style is a little more synth focused than a lot of usual organic house, and it has moody atmosphere that builds intensity on the dance floor. He has also dropped tracks on other labels including MONADA, Shango Records, FrequenSeed Music and Kosa.

First on the release is “Interval” which has vocal textures and a groovy bassline layered together with FX washed in reverb to give the track a spacious feel.

“Instinct” is next on the release and it unfolds with twists and turns that keep a listener on their toes while the lurching bassline gives it a hypnotic groove that’s full of atmosphere.

Closing out the release is “Iridiscent” which has an unsettling tranquillity with the dark undertones of the bassline being overlayered with delicate piano keys.

We are told that DJs supporting this release include the likes of Robbie Akbal, Magician on Duty and Lonya.

You can buy a copy HERE


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