ARTBAT, Argy & Zafrir Collaborate On New Single ‘Tibet’

The track is out now via the UPPERGROUND record label.

ARTBAT welcomes Argy and Zafrir to collaborate with them on their label, UPPERGROUND.

ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND continue to deliver music that fits perfectly for the dance floor and for home listening alike.

Five years ago, ARTBAT released ‘Tabu’ on HOSH’s Fryhide, and their new release ‘Tibet’ made with Argy and Zafrir, flows with a similar vibe and driving esoteric grooves.

One of melodic house and techno’s most influential artists, ARTBAT are known for working with labels such as Diynamic and Afterlife Records. Argy is a UK-based artist known for his melodic releases on the likes of Bedrock and Crosstown Rebels, and Zafrir adds his big room style to the track.

‘Tibet’ is an authoritative and alluring track with all the power that you would expect ARTBAT and Argy, and when they bring in Zafrir’s unique touch, this becomes a track that will transport you away to far Eastern lands.

Using mystical chants, and hypnotic arpeggios, the track is an epic cut that blends chunky percussion and captivating synth lines with an expansive atmosphere.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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