Innellea Talks Skateboarding & His New Release On TAU

Based in Germany, he is a talented DJ and producer whose latest EP is out on the Adana Twins’ record label.

Innellea has released on labels including Diynamic, Afterlife Records and Innervisions.

One of TAU’s core family members, Innellea has been a central figure of the esteemed German label since its inception. Inaugurating the imprint with his Nautilus EP back in August 2018 – and with a handful of notable releases ever since – the in-demand Munich-based producer now returns to TAU with his stunning four-part Hypolation EP.

Over the last couple of years it’s been amazing to watch Innellea grow and succeed, with his music catching the attention of labels such as Innervisions, Diynamic and Afterlife. Now he’s back with TAU, delivering a neat four-track package that represents his unique, melodic approach to electronic music. The Hypolation EP is another big stride forward for this artist, who continues to impress with his production prowess. We caught up with him from his home in Munich to find out more…

Hi Innellea, it’s great to be talking with you today. What part of the world are you currently based in, and what’s the local lockdown situation? 

Hey, I am based in Munich. I feel a very strong connection to this city as all my friends live there and I grew up just a few kilometres south.

I’d like to start by asking, what’s been your proudest release to date, as you have worked with some really great record labels? 

It’s tough to name one as usually my newest releases always are my favourite ones. But in general, I can say, that I am always proud of releases that are showing my wide spectrum as a music producer.

When did you first get into this style of music, as I understand you are also into skateboarding, and often that’s not a culture linked to electronic music? 

I went to a Boys Noize concert back in the days and that was the starting point of everything. I never experienced such an energy and such a feeling of being a unity during a concert before. After digging into it a little bit more, the whole ed banger crew fascinated me a lot

Talking about skateboarding, what style do you prefer to skate in, are you into street, vert or something else? 

I am more into street skateboarding but I also enjoy watching someone ripping the bowl. I wish I could do that but that’s just not my terrain.

I don’t know a lot about skateboarding, and would love for you to recommend some good videos or online streams that showcase the best of the sport? 

That’s a tough one as there are billions of good clips online. But in terms of video editing, choice of music and of course skateboarding I recently really enjoyed watching the Atlantic Drift videos. It’s a London based crew with a very unique style.

Did you watch any of the skateboarding at the Olympics, and how would you compare your own skills to those competing at the top level? 

I didn’t watch it to be honest. The level there is out of this world no doubt, but the question for me is if skateboarding was meant to be that way. Of course, progression is very important but I don’t like it if judges only give good points for the spin to win thing and not judging style…That’s just not my cup of tea. I rather prefer watching a crazy styled out kickflip on the right spot than the most spins ever done into the largest rail ever slided.

Switching back to music, I understand you dropped your new Hypolation EP on the Adana Twins label TAU. Could you talk us through the tracks, and concept? 

As I already mentioned I am proud of a release if it shows various faces of Innellea. In my opinion, this is the fact with the Hypolation EP. It contains four different styles for four different situations and that was the main idea behind it. ‘Returning Spaces’ is very slow with 100bpm and is definitely a track you can listen to in your living room while ‘Hypolation’ is made for the dancefloor. ‘Returning Spaces’ starts with a broken beat that turns into a 4/4 best after the drop. ‘The Arrival’ is crazy as I mixed minor and major keys in this song (I always wanted to try this).

Is this your first time working with the Adana Twins, and how did you guys first make contact? 

No, actually I did the very first release of their imprint. They wrote me back in the days to ask if we had some tracks as they want to start a label and the rest is history.

What’s coming up next in your schedule, any gigs or new releases we should be watching out for? 

I am playing my USA debut this month and I have a remix for Monolink coming out soon. I have a lot of new tracks with a very special concept but I’ll reveal more info about that closer to next year.

Thanks for taking the time to run through our questions, is there a message to fans or anything else you want to add before we finish?

Just thanks and stay healthy ♥️

Innellea’s ‘Hypolation EP’ is out now on TAU, and can be purchased from HERE


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