Fulltone Drops New EP ‘Far From This World’

The four track release is out now on All Day I Dream.

Fulltone is an Egyptian artist who returns to Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream with his new EP ‘Far From This World’.

The harmony that results from diversified beats, sounds, rhythms and melodies; the perfect unity achieved when all these come together and merge into one tone; one Fulltone.

A longtime fan and like-minded partner of All Day I Dream, Fulltone returns to Lee Burridge’s imprint with the Far From This World EP. The release finds magic for listeners on the dance floor or to enjoy at home – and comes ahead of Fulltone’s performance at the first-ever All Day I Dream camping Festival in May.

Inspired by Alan Parsons Project and Pink Floyd, Fultone’s adolescent interest in guitar led to a burgeoning desire to learn more about sound design.

Every track I make is like a journey to me while making it,” Fulltone told Decoded Magazine in 2020. “I never have an idea of what the track will be like when it’s finished, I just start on a blank canvas and slowly start the journey of finding harmonies, rhythms, melodies and sounds.

With releases on labels including SevenVillas, Klassified, All Day I Dream, Kindisch, and Akbal Music, Fulltone has slowly acquired a global sense of recognition and acclaim.

I really admire what Lee has created with ADID. It is not just a label or a party, it became more of a community of like-minded people who love emotional house music and I’m one of them,” said Fulltone. “I really love the music that you can listen to in your home on the couch but can also work on the dance floor.”

You can buy a copy HERE


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