Animal Trainer Remix Ayala (IT) On Sol Selectas

Out now, Sabo’s label presents three tracks from the Italian artist alongside reworks by Sifa and Chambord.

Ayala (IT) has also featured on MoBlack Records, Sirin Music and Sony Music.

Ayala (IT) is a hotly tipped artist from Italy who has spent years building up a reputation for blending jazz with electronic music to create mid-tempo house tracks with an afro groove.

Most recently he has dropped an EP on Sabo’s Sol Selectas label, which has previously released his solo tracks as part of their Summer Sol compilations that have consistently found their way to the top of sales charts on stores like Beatport.

Now Ayala (IT) is putting out his third release on Sol Selectas with a solo EP that blends three of his original tracks with three solo remixes by Sifa, Chambord, and Animal Trainer.

Animal Trainer are perhaps the most instantly recognisable from the list of remix artists, due to the Swiss duo’s large international following, and releases on likes of Katermukke, Stil Vor Talent and Einmusika. Although, connoisseurs will be equally familiar with the more underground styles of Chambord and Sifa who each deliver a stunning rework.

The EP is opened by the three original tracks, ‘Sacred Steels’ having hypnotic elements that gradually builds tension. ‘Sacred Piano’ has a powerful blend of piano, flute and trumpet, which together with the percussion, create a jazz infused medley. ‘Panther’ closes out the originals with an epic percussive journey that’s brought to life with poignant melodies and organic textures.

Sifa drops the first of the remixes with a Sacred Steels rework based around an acid bassline and trippy vocal rhythms. Chambord brings out the trumpets of Sacred Piano and Animal Trainer finishes off the release with a magical remix of Panther that adds ethereal elements to the original’s percussion.

This is yet another masterpiece from Sol Selectas, and also a true credit to the talent that is Ayala (IT). You can pick up a copy from HERE


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