Venues In Victoria, Australia Are Calling For Help

‘Save Our Scene’ wants more financial support for music businesses at risk of bankruptcy due to pandemic restrictions.

Save Our Scene is an Australian movement that’s calling for more government support during the restrictions and lockdowns in the state of Victoria.

Melbourne is the states major city and according to the movement’s official statement, it’s an area that has “more live music venues per capita than any other city in the world”. Its 700+ venues hold around 100,000 gigs per year, and as a result, it’s a thriving area of culture and creativity, it is now also the most locked down city in the world.

Those venues also support a nightlife industry that generates tens of thousands of jobs and gives a big boost to the economy of Victoria as a whole. Some of those professions include DJs, promoters, publicists, venue operators, technicians, security staff, hospitality and bar staff.

Venues are under threat due to operating under restrictions that limit their capacity to trade or they can’t open their doors for any customers in lockdown areas such as Melbourne. Not being able to make revenue hasn’t stopped them from paying overheads like rent, mortgage payments, utility bills and insurance.

The full letter reads: “Victoria’s famous music scene is on the brink of collapse and there’s no relief in sight. We are calling on the Victorian Government to step in and save our proud music culture by preserving the venues where artists play.”

“Live music means mass gatherings and it will be many months before our state’s music venues can safely reopen our doors at viable capacities. In the meantime, our venues are being crippled by mounting debt including rent, mortgage payments, bills and insurance.” 

“Without Government intervention, many of the venues you love will be forced to close the doors permanently.” 

“From Victoria’s small clubs to our iconic band rooms, the places where you go to listen, dance, share and celebrate music will start to disappear. Stages that nurture emerging artists to those that house Australia’s and world’s biggest touring acts will go, and who knows what will replace them.”

You can support the movement or learn more HERE


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