Tokyo Fan Club Drop Debut Album On John Digweed’s Bedrock

Out now, the two-part release is inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s movie soundtracks.

Tokyo Fan Club is an electronic music trio consisting of producers Luke Brancaccio and Gai Barone plus vocalist Kiki Cave.

Their two-part debut album is being released via John Digweed’s Bedrock and it’s a synth-heavy release inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s movie soundtracks.

Split into two halves, the first is slightly more up-tempo, while the second has more of an ambient vibe, but both are more tailored to home listening rather than a dance floor environment.

Luke Brancaccio is a UK-based producer who usually releases melodic house on labels ranging from Bedrock to Dave Seaman’s Selador and Gai Barone is an Italian artist who is his regular production partner.

Gai Barone is also a solo artist who has worked with JOOF Recordings, along with numerous other record labels that orientate around progressive house and other melodic genres.

Kiki Cave has worked regularly with the guys along with numerous other producers and she has added her voice to releases on labels including All Day I Dream, Balance Music and many others.

The music is dark and moody with exposed vocals that give the tracks a haunting vibe that’s true to the film soundtrack concept.

There is a chilling suspense and eerie captivation that runs through the release and although at times it’s a bit of an acquired taste, the album certainly has its own charm.

If you like people like Kate Wax or classic Björk then this album might be for you and for those looking for something a little more dancefloor-focused, then you might like to check out the remix by Echonomist.

Echonomist has remixed the album track called Horse and that picked up support from the likes of Dubfire, Andhim, Super Flu, Jimi Jules and Adana Twins.

You can listen to the album below, and buy a copy HERE.


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