Sébastien Léger Drops New EP ‘Regina Blue’

The three track release is out now on Lee Burridge’s record label, All Day I Dream.

Sébastien Léger is the label owner of Lost Miracle and a regular on All Day I Dream.

A longtime All Day I Dream family member, Sébastien first joined the label in 2018, releasing his esteemed ‘Lost Miracle’ EP. Since then, Sébastien has been a consistent contributor to the label and performer at ADID events across the globe- making him a staple of All Day I Dream’s musical identity. He has released four EPs on the label prior to ‘Regina Blue’, and has participated in multiple All Day I Dream compilations. Sébastien’s most recent All Day I Dream EP, ‘Feel’, which includes hit tracks ‘Feel’ and ‘Son of Sun’, was released to much acclaim in 2021, leaving fans eager for his return to the label. 

The ‘Regina Blue’ EP offers three originals, which showcase Sébastien Léger’s production talent and emotive range. The EP begins with the title track, where Sébastien takes his time building the percussion-led rhythm, before bringing in joyous melodic elements through powerful synth riffs. On the B-side of the record, ‘We Used to Laugh’ kicks off with optimistic, fluttering synths around crisp percussion. As the track progresses, listeners are taken on a journey as Sébastien’s harmonies evokes a deep emotional response. Finally, the EP concludes with ‘The Indian Gate’, an energetic, rhythm-fueled track featuring filtered chanting over a funk-driven beat.

You can pick up a copy of the release HERE.


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