Future Legend aka Andrés Bucci Drops New Album ‘Under the System’

The eight track release is out on the 13th of January via, Hummingbird by BPZ.

Future Legend is an alias of deep tech producer Andrés Bucci and he recently dropped his new album ‘Under the System’.

Under the System is primarily a home-listening release that has moody atmosphere and cinematic suspense with dystopian undertones, but there are a few dancefloor-friendly tracks as part of the package.

Prior to starting his Future Legend alias, Andrés Bucci had previously released music on the likes of Dinky’s Horizontal, Mike Shannon’s Cynosure Recordings and Pier Bucci’s Maruca. He has also collaborated on an album with Kate Simko that was released by Traum Music.

Hummingbird by BPZ is the imprint that has exclusively been releasing Andrés Bucci’s Future Legend tracks and this album also comes via that record label.

“Daily” opens the release with downtempo breakbeat percussion and a dreamy melody that sets the scene as a nice intro track. “Djembe Wave Back” is second and it’s still a downtempo track, but its busy offbeat rhythms add a building sense of suspense and tension.

“Future Fake” is all about the bassline with dramatic bass chords and bleeping analogue textures sequenced with shuffling percussion. “Midnight Expresso” has acid synths and a glitchy sound design that is sequenced into raw machine funk at a mid-ranged tempo suitable for a dance floor.

“Absolute Geheimnisse” is a moody deep tech track with an eerie atmosphere and stripped-back sound design that gives it a trippy vibe. “I Can Make It Better For You” has raw synths that buzz with modulation while the clattering percussion gives it a wonky groove full of curiosity.

“Station H” has crunchy percussion and a haunting female vocal that’s layered above the thick bass chords. “Bell Jar Games” closes out the release with a trippy vocal sample and groove using a similar sound design to the LP’s second track, which is a nice touch that helps the release loop back around to its starting vibe.

There are definite similarities to classic releases by the likes of James Holden such as his album ‘The Idiots Are Winning’, but the dystopian undertones also give it an atmosphere similar to others such as Burial.

It will be available in stores on Friday the 13th of January 2023.


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