Elon Musk Hosts 9000-Person Rave At New Tesla Factory In Berlin

The party was to celebrate the opening of the electric car company’s new German facility.

Elon Musk is CEO of the innovative electronic car and sustainable energy company Tesla.

Tesla is soon to open their German factory in Berlin, and as part of the launch, Elon Musk threw a 9000-person music festival called, GigaFest. The festival had live music from techno DJs along with stage dancers and an impressively large scale stage design.

GigaFest also had impressive lighting fixtures, giant balloon robot figures, arcade games and vegetarian food stands. There were also fairground rides such as a Tesla accelerator ride-along and a ferris wheel.

In the lead up to the one-day festival, Tesla shared some videos on its Twitter page which revealed the flashing lights of the large stage and speakers blasting out electronic music. The videos also showed hi-tech gadgets that fired out tiny lightning bolts for dramatic effect.

Also in attendance at GigaFest was Elon Musk himself, and he took to the stage for a question and answer session about the new Berlin factory, Tesla advancements, and the new GigaBier alcoholic beverage he is planning to launch.

Doing his best to speak the local language, Elon Musk spoke some broken German, saying: “We’re aiming to start production in a few months, basically, November or December, and hopefully deliver our first cars in December,” then continued: “But starting production is kind of the easy part. The hard part is reaching volume production.”

The people in attendance gave him much applause and below you can watch a YouTube video with footage from the GigaFest event…

H/T: Mixmag


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