Don Diablo Reveals Plans For A New World’s First NFT Concept

“Hexhibit III” is a Non-Fungible Token that will be sold alongside a huge real-word structure.

Don Diablo’s first NFT sold for 1.2 million dollars.

Hoping to once again make NFT history, Don Diablo’s new project is called “Hexhibit III,” and it’s an ambitious concept that combines a digital collectible with a real-world counterpart.

Hexhibit III comes in the form of a sci-fi influenced construction that resembles a futuristic, spaceship-esque capsule that towers nearly twice the DJs height. Originally it was intended just to be a digital object, but at some point he decided to make a real world version of the structure.

Talking with Rolling Stone, Don Diablo gave a statement on the NFT, saying: “I said, ‘What if you could stand inside an NFT, literally? That hasn’t been done before.‘”

Although its unknown how much the structure will cost to build, Don Diablo did elude to the financial cost of the chamber was comparable to that of a house. Talking about potential uses for the physical structure, he said “It could be anything,” then continued, “It could be a mini club. It could be a spaceship. It could be a mini cinema.

It appears that the use of the structure is up for interpretation, and down to whoever buys the NFT and physical structure for the highest bid, but it does seem clear that this is only going to be for the rich and the wealthy.

Maybe a club or other business will buy it as a talking point for their venue space or office, and there is always a chance that Don Diablo will lose money on the sale if its sells for less than anticipated.

Regardless of anything, it’s confirmed that Hexhibit III will to date be the largest physical structure tied to any NFT.

Sotheby’s are expected to auction the NFT in the fall of 2021.


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