Cosmic Pineapple Announces Ibiza Closing Party With, Nightmares On Wax

The 12-hour mini-festival runs at Pikes Ibiza on the 22nd of September 2022.

Headliners include Nightmares On Wax (DJ set), Cincity, Ben Westbeech, Chabeli, Nils Olav, Lex Wolf, Adeline, SANRA and more…

Cosmic Pineapple returns to Pikes Ibiza for our fourth and final summer event. A great cosmic weave, the 12-hour mini-festival will bring together powerful energies to create a magical experience of renewal, honouring the energies of the equinox and the balance of equal day and night, dark and light.

From the DJs who will guide your dance in the Space Rave – with Nightmares On Wax making his cosmic DJ debut, George always brings the vibes and we love his latest album Shout Out! To Freedom!, plus Chabeli… who made her Space Rave debut earlier this summer and has a beautiful sensitive flow in her music, she made a special Cosmix 33 for us earlier this summer… Cosmic resident Lex Wolf – who knows how to get the party jumping, he also made a GREAT feel good high vibes Cosmix for us! Plus Cincity makes a welcome return, as does Nixi Music label head Nils Olav, Ben Westbeech and his tropical Balearic vibes, more of an ethnic weave from SANRA, Adeline and maybe a little surprise along the way!

Timing in with a lot of planets in retrograde and the BALANCE needed at this time of Equinox, the Cosmic Activation Dome offerings are all about coming into balance, learning where we are from, where we are now and where we want to go! A deep connection to the self and all of our unique magics that we bring to this world !

Cosmic Pineapple is a charity based event. The events are held at the legendary Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, since 2016; a beautiful venue with much to explore and the perfect canvas to paint an event on. This charity ethos is based on aspects of yogic philosophy – mainly Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Bhakti Yoga (devotion) – offering up our ‘practice’ inside to a higher cause than ourselves. We work with causes ranging from earth healing, to abuse, to war zones, to animals and much more, and have raised almost 50,000 euros so far. The offerings from this event will be split between One Tree Planted and Creatives For The Planet.

Cosmic Pineapple is a bridge of connection – to the self, the other and planet earth. The unique mini-festival style events – now in their seventh season at Pikes – are a weaving of cosmic and creative tribes and traditions, coming together in the energy of the heart, fun, magic and open curiosity… In numerology, seven is the number of spiritual awakening, mysticism, intuition, inner-wisdom, harmony and nature – of connection to the cosmic universe… Lifting the veil between human and spiritual life, as the two exist side by side… Amongst the significance of seven, there are seven directions, seven chakras, seven stars of the pleiades, seven colours of the rainbow… Since the start of the events we have been inspired by the rainbow prophecy, after cosmic curator Kim Booth, spent time with a Hopi elder in Hopiland in Arizona, visiting Dawa canyon (the canyon of the Ancient Ones), and learning of a time when all colours and tribes will come together with the intention to heal humanity and mother earth. This is our continued offering and may our lights shine bright this season.

You can find tickets and more info HERE

Cosmic Pineapple


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