Reese’s Puffs Releases Cereal Box Synthesisers & Drum Machine

Linked with an augmented reality app, people can create music while they eat breakfast.

Reese’s Puffs are making breakfast the most creative meal of the day.

The American breakfast brand has announced they are releasing a limited edition synthesiser alongside a number of augmented reality cereal box synthesisers.

For many years, some companies have been making cereal boxes that feature games, puzzles, colouring-in pictures and cut-out toys. Taking this concept of interactive packaging one step further, Reese’s Puffs boxes will come with three interactive cereal box “Puffs FX” synthesisers: the Creamy Lead Synth, the Crunchy Drum Machine, and the Chocolatey Bass Synth.

Using an augmented reality app, people can place pieces of cereal on the box to trigger sounds on the “Puffs FX” synthesisers, and make their own tracks that can then be shared via Reese’s-inspired music videos.

Reese’s are also planning to release the RP-PRO, which is a real synthesiser designed to look like a cereal box that has buttons and controllers inspired by Reese’s sweets and cereals. Currently, this hardware synth will only be made available to a handful of artists, but no doubt some will end up on eBay or other second-hand retailers.

People can find out more and download the “Puffs FX” synthesisers app HERE.


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