Niki Sadeki Drops New EP ‘Layers’

The release is out via Kamai Music and also features a remix by El Mundo.

Niki Sadeki drops a new EP on Jacob Groening‘s Kamai Music which features three of her deep and melodic originals plus a remix by El Mundo.

Kamai Music has been going from strength to strength and this indie dance release continues a slight change in direction from the organic house style that the label normally focuses on.

El Mundo and Niki Sadeki also run their own record label called Quetame, which makes his remix something of a family affair and it’s the first time one has remixed the others music.

Quetame has been an outlet for Niki Sadeki’s previous releases along with others such as Kiosk I.D. and down. for example. El Mundo is well-respected for his collaborative work with the likes of Satori and Zazou on labels like Kindisch and Crosstown Rebels, but he is also a talented solo producer who has worked with Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings.

“Going on to Glory” opens the EP with its tense pads and throbbing bassline, creating a moody atmosphere that becomes the foundation for the haunting melody synth.

“March of the Living” has tingling synths and rippling pads that intermingle with acid-tinged melody stabs as it builds towards an epic breakdown that twists and turns before the drums hit back in.

“One Lane Bridge” has whirling melodies and shimmering pads that fuse with upbeat percussion rhythms to create an energetic vibe that will whip the dance floor into a frenzy.

Closing the release is El Mundo’s remix of Going on to Glory which is an atmospheric rework that reduces the bass and strips back some of the original’s synths to focus on the atmospheric elements.

You can pick up a copy from HERE.


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